Saturday, September 8, 2012

5th Birthday Party - Pool Pirate Party

Chase wanted a pool party this year so we had a fantastic Pirate themed pool party for him at the house. It was great weather, and he had big turn out with friends and family. Many of his friends from Eastern Hills came to his party and it was bitter sweet since his last day at daycare was the Friday before his party. Shed a few more tears when they told Chase and I good bye. Chase had a fun time swimming with friends and sliding on the Crocodile Blast slide that we rented for the party. Chase got way too many toys as usual and his big gift from us was his remote control boats for the pool. Happy 5th Birthday to our baby boy that is becoming such a BIG BOY! Love you Chase-a-Roo!!

Kindergarten Time ~ I can't believe it!

It's been way to long since I've added to Chase's blog, but it's time to catch up. A lot is happening with my little man that has grown up way to fast! Chase's last day of daycare at Eastern Hills Baptist Church was on August 17th. It waw the hardest week ever, knowing he was leaving this wonderful daycare that I've grown to love. He had been there since he was 2 1/2 years old. Ms. Jade taught him potty training, Ms. Natalie taught him to be affectionate towards his teachers and friends, Ms. Jennifer was so awesome and taught him songs and he made so many arts and crafts and she also taught Chase to give up his blue blanket until nap time. He would keep it in his cubby. Ms. Autumn taught Chase how to write his name and count to 100. Gosh, the sweet friends he made at EHC were such a blessing, and I have became friends with the dear mommas too which we will dearly miss. Kindergarten began on Augutst 20th and Chase's teacher is Mrs. Aldridge. I could only walk him to his class the first 3 days and then began the dreaded drop off at the back of the school. Chase did pretty good, though one morning the school door hit him in the head and he ran crying back to my car. He always complains and whines a little that he does not know what to do and where to sit in the gym. Chase has to sit in the gym lined up by grade however the entire school all the way up to the 4th grade is in the gym. It's very intimidating and I just pray everyday that Chase adapts to this change and I pray for his safety at school. Schools are just not as safe as daycares that are locked with no entrance without a key fob. I guess I am just not prepared for this drastic change for Chase. I have shed so many tears the first week of Kindgarten especially the first day I left him in his class and then on the days I dropped him off and just drove was heartbreaking. I was so proud of him but it was just killing me. He has grown up so incrediably fast. Chase actually had a good couple of days and then on the first Wednesday he got a Yellow Light for poor conduct, not sitting still during floor time and being silly. He got another yellow light the second week and then a third yellow on Friday of the 2nd week. Mrs. Aldridge called me to discuss his inability to sit still and being disruptive in the hall. I was devastated to receive t his call as I feel like we have a good son, however he does not listen the FIRST time you ask him to do something. The 3rd week was much better and he got greens and blues on conduct...YAY! He also has his second library book, I love it! His first library book as "A Special Birthday Message" and his second book was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! Both great books. Chase's has overall done very well however I've had a difficult time with Kindergarten. I will continue to
pray for peace for me and Chase.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Camping Fun Memorial Day Wind Creek State Park

We are officially campers and we all love it, especially Chase. We've camped at Monster Mountain in the past however Wind Creek State Park at Lake Martin takes the cake. We had the besttime on our 1st camping trip at the lake. Tim, Becky, Timothy, and Lauren, Walt, Amy and the kids camped with us and we had so much fun...from riding our bikes, swimming at the beach, walking around the park and campsites, cooking out with the family and of course, the park! We went for Chase's 1st boat ride and he had so much fun in the boat. Chase loved the park also and he began riding his bike much better after this trip. We had to push him up the hills however he got so much better riding on the camping trails. Carmen, Carlynn and Chris joined us during the day. We rented a pontoon boat during this trip too! It was a great experience for Chase and the family and it brought back childhood memories for me as well. We always camped at the lake while growing up!

1st Swimming Lessons May 2011 - 3 years old

This summer was Chase's first year to take swimming lessons. He took lessons with two of his sweet classmates, Olivia and Kara, plus another little boy named Thomas. Carol Anne taught the lessons and she lives in Pike Road area. She did such a great job with the Chase and he was swimming under water and jumping from the side of the pool without armies or floaties and he would swim to Carol Anne. He even learned to go off the diving board and swim to the side of the pool....AMAZING....he used a noodle to learn many things too. We were so proud of his accomplishments and he was loved swimming this summer and jumping from the diving board and swimming to the ladder with very little assistance. I am so very proud of my little man!!! The water still makes me so very nervous knowing I lost my precious Daddy through a drowning accident. I just pray that he proctects Chase and gives me a little peace with him around water.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter Sunday, Me and Momma

Momma had a really good day and looked so beautiful! I love my Momma dearly!

Grand Finale of Easter Pictures

Unexpectedly, Chase's age group sang a song for Easter Sunday and Chase did really well in front of the crowd despite the fact he did not know the song...he's quite the entertainer in front of the crowd, he constantly waived and smiled at his Daddy!

Easter Egg Hunt at The Chumleys

We had a great lunch with a fun easter egg hunt with all the kids. We did not have quite as many children this year unfotunately as Peggy and her bunch could not make it this year. Here's some photos of all the kids and grandkids!!

Easter Sunday 2011

Oh how I love Easter Sunday!!!!! One of my most favorite times of year!! I love going to church on this glorious day and celebrating the resurrection of our Lord and Savior, and what wonderful family memories we've created over the years with our famitly gatherings. We've been gathering at our house for lunch for the last 15 plus years, and we used to pack up and just go to the woods. We always have tons of good food and fun times hunting easter eggs with all the kids. We had two talking eggs this year which was extra fun, Evan and Linley found them this tradition, talking eggs must be hidden each year. Here's some photos of the three of us in our Sunday Best plus some with the family.

Egg Dyeing Pictures from School

Here's my little man in his camo underwear dyeing his eggs...with green feet! Too cute!!!

Chase also stayed with his Aunt Becky and Uncle Tim on the Friday night before Easter Sunday and he dyed eggs once again with them and Patrick, James and Sara. He even made one with "Jesus". That is the first thing he told me when he got home from their house. He also used crayons and wrote his name on some of family times!!! So thankful for his godparents!!!

Easter 2011 Eastern Hill Childcare Ministry

I'm not sure where to start since I have not posted in a good long time, so Easter sounds like the perfect place to begin. Chase loved Easter again this year and we really went all out on the decorations for the house this year, we even placed pretty eggs in the trees outside. Chase's daycare teacher Ms. Jennifer always has fun days planned for the kids during the holidays. They had one day were the kids dyed easter eggs, they all brought 6 eggs to school. I got a call from Ms. Jennifer asking for an extra set of clothes as Chase had an accident while dying eggs...when I arrived to school, it was the funniest sight to is my cute little son in his camo underwear and green funny!!!! All the kids were laughing at him in his underwear and he jumped up and was so proud of his green feet. Apparently, he spilt the green dye all over the place and then commenced to stepping in the dye thus the green feet for the next 24 hours. We've got cute pictures of what appears to be a naked little boy dyeing the eggs. Chase also had an Easter Egg Hunt with his class and then a picnic lunch with all his classmates and some of the parents. It was really a lot of fun, and Chase loved it.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christmas with the McClellan's

We always go to Momma's house on the evening of Christmas Day. I often worry about Mom lately with her memory fading....she loves being with all the children in the family, it brings her so much joy! Chase loves his Granny!! It was a special Christmas with the family, we ate snacks, the kids opened their gifts and then the adults played dirty Santa. Chase received Buzz Lightyear from his Aunt Peggy and Uncle Mack, a remote control policy car from his Uncle Rick and Aunt Rayma, and a stuffed animal "pet pillow" from his Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Brenda, plus a log cabin building set from his Granny. He is one spoiled child.

Friday, February 18, 2011

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Christmas with The Chumleys (Walt and Amy's House)

We always rotate the place we have the big Chumley Christmas and in 2010 we had it at Walt and Amy's. Chase got to meet Aidan for the first time, and he had lots of fun playing on the trampoline with Carlynn and Anna-Peri. It's always fun with all the kids during the holidays.