Monday, December 29, 2008

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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Today begins my new adventure of blogging!! The reason I have decided to become a "Blogger" is for obvious reasons, my son, Chase. Chase is 16 months old and I so wish that I had kept a journal of the first year of his life just as I did when I was pregnant with him. I journaled the entire 9 months of my pregnancy and I've kept his baby book fairly up to date but I thought the computer would be much easier, thus became my desire to begin "Chaseroo's Blog." By the way, Chase received the nickname "Chaseroo" from his Aunt Peggy!

So, the Christmas holidays are behind us now and we had a wonderful Christmas with the family. Chase had an awesome time and can now say "Santa" and he actually sat in Santa's lap twice this year and did not cry once which is amazing. He could also quickly snatch the bows off the presents under the tree and take off running before you could grab him too. He would immediately point to the Christmas trees that sat on the fireplace hearth each morning, and say..."eww...ewwww....ewww" ...which translates to..."please turn the lights on for me!!!

Chase received many wonderful things from Santa Claus but the only one he noticed and cared about was his John Deere Tractor and Trailer which by he way, has a gas peddle!!! He loves it and insisted on being outside constantly since receiving this gift from Santa. He smiles the entire time he's riding his new tractor!!! Gosh, I love having this "little man" in my life! We are truly blessed!!!!

We really had an awesome Christmas with all the kids, grandkids, and entire family!!