Sunday, November 22, 2009

Smokey Mountains Day 3 of Vacation

On Sunday, our final day of vacation, we went into downtown Gatlinburg and did some shopping, ate at the Pancake Pantry, and Chase played another putt-putt course with his Daddy, Uncle Tim and Uncle Billy. It was a cool little course and it was like being in a rain forest. He was so upset when he had to return the pudder and golf ball. We then went to Dollywood again that afternoon, and Chase rode the beautiful carosel again and this time he rode an awesome reindeer. This was the most gorgeous carosel that I've ever seen! We then went to kiddie land and Chase and his Daddy rode some flying elephants, he loved that too! He does not seem to be scared of anything!! We then went to Santa's Workshop at Dollywood and Chase sat in Santa Claus's lap and also Mrs. Claus's lap, I was so very proud that he sat there for awhile and was not scared, he even listened to what Santa had to say! We then went to the musical show, Babes in was a great show and one of the singers, Goldielocks, came out in the audience and put her arm around Chase and sang to him, he just smiled!! We had another fun time today and made many memories to cherish for a lifetime!! We had a fabulous vacation with everyone!!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Smokey Mountain Vacation 2009

We began Chase's first vacation trip to the mountains on Friday morning, November
20th...we did not arrive until 2:30am in the wee hours of the morning. Chase slept a lot of the trip but it was a long drive, 7 hours!! We got up late that morning, and then went to play mini-golf at Ripley's Davey Crockett putt-putt course. It was so cute with all the mountain scenes, bears, water, etc.....Chase loves to golf and he even got another pink ball which is his favorite. The story behind the pink ball is like this...Randy has golfed for many years with his brother, Tim and friend, Buddy. Whoever is the losing player, must putt the following game with the pink ball! Chase came home with the pink golf ball the first time he played with his Daddy. Back to to details of our vacation.....We then drove through Cade's Cove and it was so awesome!!! We were able to see many deer and we actually never saw a black bear. We saw a huge buck and we were able to get pretty close to him...WOW...Saturday was so busy for us....we packed so much into our second day on vacation. We started out going to the Aquarium and Chase loved it, the saw lots of fish, and a lot of sharks!!! We then walked to the Sky Lift and he got the biggest kick out of this. It made me so nervous to have him on the lift but Randy assured me he'd be okay and he was fine......he loved it going up so high!!!! We then left and went to Ober Gaitlinburg, a ski resort though the slopes were closed. We then went to Dollywood and has a blast!!! It was Christmas in the Smokies at Dollywood and we got there late in the evening and they allow you to come back the next day too with the same ticket!! We saw an awesome night time parade twice, and the rode the Dollywood Express which was truly a treat!! We rode the choo-choo train at night....Chase's first train ride....he fell asleeo about half way into the ride through the ride. We then went out to eat and arrived back at the cabin about 10pm...we were all exhausted and especially our little man Chase. He had done so well today without a name and we truly had a fabulous time so far!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Fun Weekend visiting with Haylie and Nenean too!

Chase had such a fun weekend and stayed with his "Nenean" on Saturday while I went Christmas shopping! He always has fun at her house...he played with her dollhouse and actually fell asleep on top of it, and later terrorized her dogs with his drill! Kim picked Chase up from Jonean's house about 5pm and then he went home with his big "Sissy" and Haylie!!! He loves staying with Haylie, when I told him that morning that he was going to stay with Haylie, he jumped up in the air and yelled..."Yay!" He went with them that night to some friends house to watch football and they played outside on a playground with several other kids while the adults watched the football game. Kim tried to get him to eat a roasted marshmellow but he did not like it!!
Chase has really been whining alot while at home with us and he did not cry any at all while at Kim's house, he was really good....amazing! I'm glad he had such a really good time this weekend. After I experienced such a frightening moment at work on Friday with the shooting at Berry Hill Place, it really did me some good to have some me time. Though, Friday night after the event, all I wanted to do was snuggle in bed with my sweet baby boy all night!!! That really made me feel the best.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Curious George Halloween 2009

Chase was the cutest monkey I've ever seen on Halloween, he loves Curious George and his costume was so perfect for him! We had a blast the entire Halloween weekend. We started out at Truck or Treat at First Baptist Church with all the kids and grandkids on Friday night, the night before Halloween. Chase loved collecting all the candy but the highlights of the night was the "go fishing" game and being able to get inside the real fire truck with Alexis. We then went back to the house and all the little ones stayed with me while the bigger kids went to the Haunted Alley. We then all had a late night pizza dinner and Chase stayed up until almost 10pm playing with Haylie, Carlynn and Alexis. We then went to Thelma Baptist Church on Halloween night to their Harvest Festival and Chase played all kind of neat games with Haylie. They had about 25 or more games for little ring, golf game, toilet toss, corn maze, etc...We then took Chase to Montgomery to go "trick or treating" door to door in Dalraida with his Uncle Tim and Aunt Becky. He loved that too, and caught on really quickly. When he saw a house with lights on, he would say.."there's one...there's one!" We saw Santa Claus while "trick or treating" too. What an awesome costume for Halloween! This Halloween was so much fun, thanks too my little man!!!!! I know he loved it all!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Golf Trip with his Daddy

Saturday was an exciting day for Chase and his Daddy, they went golfing for the first time. Chase's Uncle Tim and his Daddy's friend, Buddy, all went golfing early Saturday morning at River Run golf course in Montogmery. I think this was one of the proudest Daddy moments that Randy has actually experienced since Chase has been born! Chase really had fun and was wide open on the golf course. He would hit the ball with his driver, though it would take him about 4 tries before he actually hit the ball, but he was trying really hard! He helped his Daddy put the ball many times. Of course he loved riding in the golf cart, and he looked so cute too! He looked just like a miniature golfer with his khaki pants, golf shirt, alabama golf shoes, and his awesome Robert Trent Golf Course jacket that I found at a cosignment store for $ 10.00!! I know this is the first of many days to come in which Chase will enjoy golfing with his Daddy!!! A day to cherish!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Golf Clubs - Real Clubs

Chase comes home to a awesome surprise from his Daddy, a brand new set of kiddie golf clubs. The REAL thing, golf bag with stand, putter, driver, and an iron. He thought he was the coolest dude with his golf clubs, and he's ready to go play with his Daddy too. Hopefully we'll still have some warm days and they can go to the golf course together. I know I will have to tag along to take some pictures of the long awaited event!! Randy has truly talked about this moment from the time Chase was born, actually since he was conceived and we learned it was a boy!!! It will be a proud "daddy moment" for sure!!

First Trip to the State Fair...Fun Time!!

Wow...what a great time Chase had at the state fair. He loved it all, and especially all the fun little kiddie rides. He barely measured the 36 inches allowing him to ride the kiddie rides and we were very selective about the few rides we decided to let him ride. It really made me nervous as I was afraid he would try to get off right in the middle of the ride when it was going around on the tracks but luckily he just sat still and smiled everytime he saw us!! He had the cutest little grin on his face when he was on the rides going around and around. He rode the carousel with Billy, and the old timey cars with him too. He then rode the motorcycles, race cars, and a jeep all by himself, I was so proud of him!!! He would have had a better time if he was riding the little rides with Haylie or Carlynn so next year we will plan to go with them. He loved all the lights and we also went to the circus and the petting zoo! It was such a fun time!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We had a really great time at the Pumpkin Patch at Dream Field Farms located near Union Springs this weekend. We went with Haylie, Nenean, Jona and Anna Ruth. Chase loved it as there was so much to do. Their was a petting zoo and he and Haylie loved touching the sheep and feeding them corn, and then they played with a wood cow that was setup for the kids to milk, it was too funny! The actually milked the cow!! Then we went on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch and it was a gorgeous site to see all the big and little pumpkins in the field. Chase and Haylie knew immediately to pick up a pumpkin. We then played in the corn boxes, not sand boxes but corn box! It was really neat too, and they loved it!! We also rode on a neat cow train and they jumped and slide on the inflatables. It was a memorable day and I think we all had a super great time!!! Chase wanted to take his pumpkin to church with him the next day and also to bed with sweet!!! He loves his punkin!

Friday, September 25, 2009

"What you doing?" and "Why?"

These are two of Chase's most used phrases right now. He will come up to us all the time and say "What you doing?" and then when you tell him what you are doing it will then be followed by the question, "Why?" It's so cute and we just love how his vocabulary has increased and he literally speaks in sentences almost or at least long fragments. Our little boy is really growing up fast!

Chase has the Swine Flu...scary!

Chase was diagnosed with the swine flu on Wednesday. There has been so much scary news on the swine flu over the last month, it has really struck fear in us and we've worried that Chase would get it. There has been reports of many young people and children that have died from this strain of flu. Thank heavens Chase has had a mild case of it and we took him to the doctor quickly and he was put on Tamiflu (which he hates and spits out.) I have been at home with my little man for the last 3 days and we must stay away from everyone until Saturday, 4 days basically. The doctor reassured us that the swine flu is not as severe as the seasonal flu actually. Chase ran a high fever of 102.4 on Tuesday night about 11:30pm and we gave him some fever reducing meds, and thank goodness it worked as even the bottom of his feet were burning up. When we woke that morning, his fever was once again high, 101.7. We took him to the doctor immediately. I'm so thankful that the Lord has taken care of Chase and this flu sickness has not been as bad as we feared.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monsters and Shadows..YIKES!

I can not believe my son now sees the shadows from the night light and thinks they are monsters. I have no idea where he heard or learned about monsters. However, he has a hard time going to sleep in his room with the night-light casting shadows on the walls in his room.
We did have fun tonight, Chase tried on his Zebra costume which was his costume from last Halloween. He had so much fun wearing it and looking at himself in the mirror. When he discovered the tail on the costume, he immediately said, "Get it off!" He also called the costume a monster and did not want it in his room when he went to bed tonight. Hopefully I was able to calm his fears for awhile.

Monday, September 14, 2009

God Bless Mama, God Bless Daddy, God Bless Roxie

I can't believe it, Chase began saying his night time prayer tonight all by himself! I was so amazed. We have been saying God Bless everyone and everyone includes Granny, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, friends, honestly, I think we bless everyone and their dog, every night!!! We end the prayer with, "I love you Jesus, Amen!!!" If I start trying to help him by saying names, Chase will now stop me and say..."I do it, Mama!" He is such an incredible little boy and I love every moment of being his Mama!!

I was thinking about how I need to journal some of the neat and fun things that Chase is doing now that he has turned 2 !! Some of them are as follows:

He always insists on picking out his own clothes, and it must have a "boon-boon" aka motorcycle or bike, or baseball or football. He hollers "I wanna go, I wanna go" all the time and especially when his Daddy is going golfing. He cried and cried this weekend because he wanted to go "golf" with his Daddy. He does not say golfing, it's just golf! His Daddy has promised to take him the next time he goes....yay...that will be a moment to cherish for sure. Chase now loves monkeys! He kept saying "I want a Monkey, Mama!" Please Monkey!!! I'm excited about this too because I bought him some Curious George books, stickers and movie and he LOVES them!!! He of course loves to ride his 4-Wheeler or "Boon-Boon!" He wants to ride it every single day. We really had fun last week when I thought of a fun inside game. I created a tent by placing a sheet over 2 chairs. Chase got underneath the sheet and played, ate his snacks, watched a movie on a portable DVD player, and then wanted to eat his dinner under the tent! He was loving it and then wanted Mama and Daddy to get under the tent with him, so of course, Mama did and we watched much fun!!!!! He even insisted that I lay on my stomach just like he was doing!! He's really specific on what he wants these days. He's such a mess and makes me laugh so much!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Zoo Trip on Labor Day 2009

We decided to take Chase to the zoo today since we were off for Labor Day. The last time I took him to the zoo, he was only 2 months old and it was Linley's birthday party. Shawn actually took Chase earlier this year with his friend Levi but I did not get the joy of seeing him with all the zoo animals and all his reactions. Chase got excited from the moment he saw the concrete elephants at the entrance to the zoo. He had a really good time though it was a hot day. He loved the monkeys the best!! He kept asking to go back and see the monkeys, and he loved the train ride too. He was really tired by the end of the train ride so we decided to call it a day since it was nap time for Chase. Once Chase awoke from his nap at home, he cried and cried to see the monkeys again. It was kind of sad, I guess he thought we could just go outside and the monkeys would be there. He was really upset for awhile.

Chase has been sick with a summer time cough and cold for the last few weeks though I think a lot of his sniffles is due to teething also, he seems to be cutting his 2 year old molars!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chase and his Daddy love Alabama Football

videoChase loves Alabama football!! Roll Tide !!!!

Alabama Football Season Begins

As Alabama Football Season drew near, Randy wanted to get Chase an Alabama Football outfit with helmet. Chase loves helmets and kept asking his Daddy for a helmet. Thus, Randy began the search for Chase's request. I think Randy searched everywhere to find Chase an Alabama helmet and finally found one at the last stop of the day at Hibbett Sports in Tallassee, imagine that, of all places. Anyway, the most important thing is that Randy made Chase's day when he gave him his Alabama helmet. Chase loved it and after putting on his uniform he wanted to go outside to play football. He would kick the football and take off running and hollered "Touchdown Alabama!" He was too cute and precious!!! Randy had the biggest smile on his face, it was one of the "very proud daddy moments" since this was the first time he's been able to share his joy of football with his little man!! Chase had to have his helmet by his bedside that night and for many more nights to come! Everytime Chase sees the Alabama emblem on a car while going down the road, he hollers...."Alabama Mama, Alabama!" He knows his Alabama!!!!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Chase's Big Boy Bed

The weekend after Chase's birthday, Randy decided it was time to convert Chase's baby crib to a toddler bed. Especially since about 1 1/2 weeks ago, Randy found Chase stradling the bedrail, hollering "gitty-up horsey!" He's so funny! Thank heavens he did not fall off the bedrail. Chase is so sweet and he's really a good boy and says "thank you" all the time. Well, as soon as Randy took the bedrail down and let Chase get into his toddler bed, Chase looked at his dad and said "Thank You, Daddy." Soo sweet!! He just melts my heart sometimes, most of the time actually!
He hopped into his bed and thought he had a new trampoline, he jumped and jumped!! He loved it! Chase actually slept in the bed all night the very first night and has every night since then as well. He has done alot better than I ever expected! In fact, when he awakes in the morning, he still cries for me to come get him, he still has not figured out quite yet that he can get up anytime he wants too. Mercy, I feel like my little baby is all grown up almost, it actually made me a bit teary eyed to know the baby bed is gone now! Chase is growing up way too fast for me!! At least he still wants me to rock him at night, something I dearly love to do!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daddy spoils Chase with a new Vroom-Vroom!!!

Haylie's birthday party was this past Saturday and she got a cute Disney ATV/4-Wheeler and Chase loved it. He cried and cried when we left and wanted the Vroom-Vroom as he calls it! His Daddy went golfing while Chase took an afternoon nap, however when his Daddy got home, he immediately told Chase he was going to Toys R Us to get his baby boy a vroom-vroom.......I personally was thinking that this would be a great Christmas gift, but Randy was not happy with the tiny little Harley Bike we gave him for his birthday, so he insisted on getting him a bigger one. Chase was so excited when his Daddy told him that he was getting a fact, it was funny when we arrived in the parking lot at Toys R Us, Chase got all excited and started pointing at the store saying "Vroom-Vroom." Now, how did he know that was the toy store?.....he's such a smart boy!!!!!! Chase absolutely loves his 4-wheeler, in fact he can really steer it really good and seems to understand what stop means and he really knows what FAST means! Ha! He seems like such a big boy riding the 4-wheeler.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Chase!

My little baby boy is now 2 years old, gosh it's hard to believe. He/We had a fabulous weekend celebrating with family and friends. The weekend started with his actual birthday on Friday, August 14th and we had a Mickey Mouse birthday cake for Chase and he received a Mickey Mouse blanket, Pajamas, and Mickey Mouse toys too. He had to blow out his candles about 4 times, he kept saying, "one more time", "one more time." He was so cute! He absolutely loves cake too!!! Caitlin stayed the night with us to help baby sit Chase while I prepared for his big birthday party on Saturday. His party began at 10:30am and he had a huge crowd. We had a moon walk castle with a double slide for all the kids to play on. The theme of his party was Diego and Dora, in fact, he calls everyone Dora, he never says Diego. We had a Dora pintata but we saved it for Sunday with the family. He received lots and lots of toys and clothes. He loves his Hot Wheel bike (from Uncle Rick and Aunt Rayma) and his Remote control dirt bike (from Papa and Gran). He was truly blessed with entirely too much stuff! We then had another party on Sunday at Granny's for Ronnie, Rick, and Peggy and of course, Chase always gets in on this fun too and got to blow out candles for the third consecutive day! I think it's pretty neat that his birthday falls the day between his Aunt and Uncles birthday!!! We just partied all weekend long and I think it has taken me almost all week to recover from it all! I can't wait to watch Chase learn and grow this upcoming year. He is truly an amazing little boy!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last Day as a 1 Year Old

Where does the time go....and so quickly. My little baby boy is a toddler now and tomorrow he will be 2 years old. I'm tearing up just thinking how fast the time flies by as I hold on to all those cherished moments of holding him as a newborn, the nights I've rocked him to sleep and we still rock on most nights, and now as he is becoming more and more independent. He can say just about everything and he gives such awesome hugs and kisses that just melts his mommy's heart!!! And he has become an obvious Alabama fan almost over night, he can say "Alabama" and "Roll Tide", and he always ask if his Daddy is "Golfing" though he just says "golf." So, as we hold the 1 year old memories dear to our heart, we will enter into the wonderful 2 year old stage and I'm sure we'll enjoy every moment of them too, and we'll pray to not experience much of the "Terrible Twos". Chase is a blessing from up above and Randy and I are so very thankful that God chose to bless us with our incredible son!! Happy 2nd Birthday Chase tomorrow!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beach Trip July 2009

Chase loved the beach trip this year! I was so excited about the trip and I'm just so thrilled that he had so much fun and was so good on the trip. He loved the ocean and his Uncle Tim took him out and there were some big waves and a few soaked him good. He seemed to love it though. Chase would not stand in the shallow part of the ocean, he seemed to be scared if he was not being held. He did have fun playing in the sand and had a little friend that he played with too. He was most facinated with this little tiny white fish that someone had caught in the ocean and put in a bucket of water. He thought that was the coolest thing! We had so much fun with Chase on this vacation trip!!! I dearly love making memories with my little man!!! He brings us so much joy and happiness!

Chase gets a puppy!

Yep, I think I have lost my mind!! I wanted to get Chase a puppy so we decided to get a 7 week old black lab about 2 weeks ago. Roxie is gorgeous however she is so rambunctious and I have to watch her constantly when she is with Chase as she will knock him down and bite him....she's just rough housing because she's a puppy though. Chase loves her and he's so cute when he says puppy, it sounds like "happy". He can say Roxie perfectly! He loves just to lay on her and love all over Roxie! Hopefully Roxie will calm down in a few months!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

VBS at Cornerstone Church July 22-26,2009

We had such a wonderful 1st Vacation Bible School at my new church. Chase had fun and did good without me while attending his bible story and music class. He also leared the "Boomerrang Express" song....and "it all comes back to Jesus"...."All aboard!" He jumped up and down and danced during the Sunday morning commencement and I was so proud of him. His Granny and Aunt Brenda ("Gran"), and Heather came for the commencement day! I pray that little seeds about Jesus are being planted in his heart and soul and hoping that one day he will accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour!!! We were so blessed during VBS at Cornerstone church!