Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sick, Sick, and Sicker !!

Yes, we are all sick and my poor baby boy just can not seem to get well. He has been sick sinse starting daycare and I just can't handle it anymore. Chase went to the doctor on Friday again as he had a fever, had been lethargic all day at daycare, runny nose, coughing, red eyes and cheeks, and just looked awful when I picked him up on Thursday evening. The Doctor said he still had an ear infection and it was now chronic in his left ear and milder in the right ear. He changed his meds/antibiotics for the 4th time and if not well in 2 weeks, he will be getting shots for 2-3 straight days to try and get rid of this ear infection. I'm going to ask about tubes the next trip but the Dr. said that this could go on until the middle of March in a daycare situation. Needless to say, I began to seek a home daycare again on Saturday and found someone from church that also keeps another little 2 year old boy (only one more awesome, less exposure to germs and a playmate :)).... Shawn Cox would love to have a playmate for the little boy she has had since birth and she remembers Chase from church!! She also has taught Marissa Sunday school and comes recommended by Heather and Brenda!! We're going to meet her on Sunday and pray that she is the answer to our prayers!! I so much prefer home daycare for wellness reasons and I feel children receive more one on one attention too!!! I have felt so guilty placing Chase back in daycare and just pray that this is who we need to take care of our little man!
Randy has also been the sickest that I have ever seen him and I just hope we can all get well soon! We are ready for warmer temperatures and spring and most importantly a healthy and well family!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chase's, Big Sissy, Kim kills 10 Point Buck

Chase's Big Sissy, Kim, kills a 10 Point !! WOW !!

Chase's big sissy, Kim, was at the hunting camp this weekend and killed a huge 10 point buck! Chase is so proud of his SISSY and can't wait until she can take him hunting and teach him about the great outdoors and hopefully he will have the passion to hunt too!!

Still Sick....Back to the Doctor

Thursday night Chase awoke at 2am (Friday morning) with a fever of 102, hoarse and coughing. We took him to the doctor Friday and he has Croup and still has an ear infection. He got an antibiotic shot, and more medicine. He has had a rough weekend and we had to cancel the grandgirls, Marissa & Haylie, from coming over for the weekend because Chase was so sick. We just hope he gets better soon and we can finally get all the kids together without someone being sick! He's been sick since Christmas. Randy stayed at home with him on Sunday so I could go to teach SS.
He has been so irritable all weekend. I think it's the prednisone he's taking that tends to effect his behavior. We pray that he will be well soon!

Chase begins Potty Training!!!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Knot on his Head Again and 1st Day without Crying at Daycare

Gee Whiz....I never realized how many knots and bruises children get when they are as young as Chase. He had 3 knots on his head in practically the same place in the last week. He fell while playing tonight and we think he hit the sharp corner of the baseboard on the floor. He had a goose egg pop up and he hates to have ice applied to his head! He had no choice tonight because this knot really scared me! I guess I will worry about him for the rest of my life for one reason or the other! That's okay, I'll just pray that the Lord will protect him!
Today is also the first day that I left him at daycare and he did not cry and he actually went right to his teacher Ms. Naomi. All the teachers are really sweet to my baby boy and Ms. Naomi actually gave him a kiss yesterday before he left and that meant a lot to me, shows that she cares about my little man. Hopefully, each week will be better. He is getting a round tummy on him in the past 2 weeks. I was really worrying about him eating right and enough at daycare and they tell me he always cleans his plate. He seems to be adjusting better than I had anticpated though we really miss his Aunt Brenda and Uncle Ronnie. They are going to keep him the first Wednesday of each month while we go to our church fellowship and business meeting, so that will be great and give him time to visit with "Gran and Pappa"!
He also turned 17 months old on yesterday!!! Where does the time go so quickly, he has been such a joy and blessing to us!!!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chase and his John Deere Tractor

He absolutely LOVES to ride his John Deere Tractor!

Chase got a hair cut....7th one, I think!!!

I really thought I'd be good at this blogging stuff, but obviously I'm not. There is just not enough hours in the day. Chase is doing much better and apparently the medicine has worked and his ears are better. We had a rough week last week starting daycare after being together for 16 straight days during the holidays. Chase cried and cried when I left him each day yet he seemed much happier by Friday. It just about killed me to leave him too. The teachers said he took a 2 hour nap, played with the others kids, and did not cry at all on Friday. He also smiled a lot and seemed to be much happier. I guess he just has to get used to not being with his Aunt Brenda and Uncle Ronnie where he got all the attention, much love and did not have to share, needless to say, he was SPOILED!!! It was wonderful and a blessing to have them keep him for the past year and I'm sure we'll eventually adjust to the daycare, they are very sweet to Chase and I know he needs to be around other kids too. Hopefully, this week will be better and he will adjust with a little more time.
Chase's has always had a head full of hair and he was beginning to look like a girl so we got his hair cut on Saturday and he was not happy about it. He was so fussy about half way through and did not want to sit still. He has always been so good! The hair dresser said I can look forward to this attitude from this point forward. He does look like a cute little boy now!!! I think this is his 7th or 8th hair cut and he's only 17 that not unreal!! Told you he had some hair!!!!!
While Chase was in the church nursery today, he fell and had a big ole' knot on his head when we picked him up after the worship service. He then later decided to pull a kitchen towel off the bar and pulled a can opener down on his head and received another knot. You would think that I've abused my baby boy with all the knots and bruises he has from falling! My poor baby boy!!!
He now grins and closes his eyes and scrunches up his nose, when I tell him to smile for the camera. It's so funny! Take a look at the pic I uploaded.
We had a wonderful, relaxing weekend.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Doctor Visit Again

I had to take Chase to the doctor again today. I noticed a knot on the right side of his neck and it was about the size of a small marble. We were really worrying about it so we decided to take him back to the doctor especially since he was still coughing really bad too. Dr. Trumbull assured us that it was just a lymph node and we just happen to notice it and that it was normal and was not the "c" word. He did determine that Chase had a really BAD ear infection in his left ear and gave him a stronger antibiotic. Hopefully, this is the reason my little man has been so irritable and he will be better soon once the antibiotic gets into his system. So very thankful that the knot was not a serious issue!!! Thank you Jesus!!

Randy went to his brother, Walt's tonight to watch the Sugar Bowl but Chase and I stayed home and played all night!! We had fun playing drums with the pots and pans and wooden spoons in the kitchen!! It was hilarious!!! Wish I had a video of our little band we had going in the middle of the kitchen floor!! It was a priceless moment!!!! I love my little man and I dearly love being his Momma!!! :) :) When he utters my name "Momma", it's truly music to my ears!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I guess to be a beginner BLOGGER, I'm not very good at it since I have not posted anything in several days. Well, my baby boy, Chase, has been sick with a bad, bad cold and we went to the doctor on Monday and he was diagnosed with RSV. They gave him antibiotics for his ears as he has fluid on his ears. He has the worst runny nose ever and has been irritable for days. I feel so bad when he's sick however he is sleeping through the night now and he was not in the beginning stages of his cold. He is also cutting 4 teeth, his first molars so that is making matters worse too.

Chase is so funny, he will bring you his shoes and coat in hopes that you will put them on him and take him outside to ride his John Deere Tractor. He absolutely loves it!! We have not taken him outside in days since he's been so sick. Unfortunately, he shared his germs with many family members during the holidays and now a lot of the family is sick.....I'm so very sorry!!!! Haylie Poo, Mom, Rayma, Aunt Sara and who knows who else got the bug from him!!!! Please forgive us!

We had a bon fire last night for our church friends and we had about 13 people there. We roasted wieners, marshmallows, and made smores! Peggy was so sweet and kept Chase for us since he was sick and did not need to be out in the weather. It was a lot of fun and the burnt marshmallows were had been years since I had those and enjoyed a good ole bonfire. My hubby did a SUPER job on the fire too! It was huge and HOT!!!! We also had fireworks for the kids!
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU and to YOURS!!! May you be blessed in 2009!!!!