Wednesday, February 18, 2009

18 Months Old Now

Wow...Chase turned 18 months on Valentine's Day!!! Chase is growing up so fast and is such a sweet and happy little boy! He does tend to CRY when he does not get his way, but what child does not. He loves to hang out with me in the kitchen in the evening rather than playing with his toys, and literally hangs on to my leg yelling "Momma!" He loves to play with my mixing bowls and actually plays drums with the wooden spoons and bowls. He is such a joy and the love of my life !!! He is so much fun!! He dances everytime he hears music and he is really funny when he gets through with his nightime bath....he runs around "naked as a jay bird" and he loves it! He thinks it's hilarious!!! I probably should not let him do this and will regret it one day, but he's just so darn cute and funny when he's running around laughing!!!
Chase made the cutest little "bank" at Ms. Shawn's house yesterday! She takes so much time with him and I know he loves making the arts and crafts! Chase made the biggest and most awesome Valentine card I've ever received! It was for his Daddy and me and it had his hands and feet prints!!! It was so great!!!!! We are so blessed to have Ms. Shawn keeping our precious baby boy!!!!!! :) He is SO VERY HAPPY!!!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

New Daycare is Wonderful-We love the Cox Family!!

We have been truly blessed with a wonderful home for Chase to stay while Momma and Daddy works each day! Shawn Cox, a member of ETBC, is now keeping Chase each day and she has one other little boy, named Levi, that she has kept since birth. Levi is about 1 year older than Chase but actually the same size as him. Chase loved Ms. Shawn from the time he met her and her family. Shawn and her husband, Paul, have 2 sweet, precious children that Chase adores too! You would think that Chase has been there forever as he just loves it and acts like he lives there and does not want to leave when I pick him up. He adjusted immediately and Randy and I love having him there with Shawn and her family!!! Chase made me a picture frame the 1st week he was with Ms. Shawn, so sweet and the first thing he's made for me!!! Awww.....what a joy!!!! The second week Chase and Levi made caterpillars out of egg cartons, and they had a blast making them. They had a fit when they were finished!!
The good Lord has blessed us with Ms. Shawn and we are very happy at our new place!!!!!


Well, obviously, I am just to busy to be considered a dedicated blogger. It's been weeks since I've posted, I took Chase to the doctor yesterday for a follow up on his ears and HIS right ear is now clear and the left ear had fluid remaining but should clear up on it's own if he does not get a cold within the next 5-10 days. Guess what....he awoke with a runny, runny nose today and I just wonder if he contracted a cold yesterday at the doctor's office. I pray he does not get sick again so soon as I do not even want to think about tubes and surgery for Chase.
Chase has been waking at night for the last 5-6 days and cries until I go pick him up and bring him to bed with us and then he goes to sleep immediately. I thought it was his eye teeth that was bothering him but I think he is beginning to get scared a bit and just wants to be in bed with us!! I don't mind, I love sleeping close to my baby boy!
Chase also went to visit his Daddy at work yesterday and toured the warehouse and just thought he worked there. He was so cute walking hand and hand with his Daddy at work! Chase also went to my office and visited with all the ladies and played "bumble bee" and "chase" with Ms. Viv! He had fun running up and down the hallway with her!! :)