Saturday, March 21, 2009

Prayer Request for Friends and Their Unborn Child

Please join me and my family in praying for a dear friend and coworker's wife and unborn child. His wife is 24 weeks pregnant and began experiencing pregnancy complications while on a business trip in Washington DC. Please see their blog for detailed information at The picture above is our friends, Beau, Brittany and Reed.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Time Goes By So Fast......

It's very weird how fast time passes by sometimes. You think you are ready for it, but at the same time, you just wish they could all stay babies forever. I cherish every single moment that Chase has been in my life!!!
My friend, Jonean Deal, has put together the 1st year of Chase's life in a scrapebook and it is so very awesome and I will be forever greatly to her for doing this for me!!!! I will post some pictures of her work soon!

Loving the Outdoors and Riding on the Rhino......

Chase absolutely loves riding the Rhino, lawnmower, or golf cart....all the time!!! His favorite toys are cars, trucks, and his John Deere riding toy. He also loves to take a bath and he will even stick his head under the faucet to rinse his hair! He loves the water!!! When I tell him to get ready to take a bath and to get his towel, he immediately goes and gets his towel and runs to the bathroom. Also, at night time, he runs to get one of his favorite blankies and gets ready for bed. He literally tries to climb in the bed. Chase is also saying many more words and literally carries on a conversation with me but I only understand about a 1/4 of what he is saying!!! He's so funny and cute. He's my "baby boy!"

Chase has spend the night company, Marissa and Haylie Poo

Chase had the pleasure of having Marissa and Haylie spend the night with him this weekend and he was just a mess. He is definately approaching the terrible twos! We enjoyed having them spend the night and spend some quality time together. Chase was not really keen on the idea of sharing his stuff with Haylie so we must work on the "sharing" issue. He also hit Haylie, pulled her hair and pinched her face ALL within a 24 hour period. I know it sounds like he's this mean child and he's really not, I've been told all kids are like this at his age. Let's hope he outgrows it before his Dad beats him! Ha ! Just kidding! Chase has a very sweet disposition and is so much fun!! We are so thankful! We also went to Uncle Tim and Aunt Becky's house on Saturday night to celebrate Timothy's 19 year old Birthday! We cooked out on the grill and Chase had a ball as usual playing at their house and loving all over Loretta, their 3 year Lab.