Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Visited with Granny and Rode the Lawn Mower

We stopped by so Chase could see his Granny today. Several weeks ago she gave Chase some crushed ice and he absolutely loved it, so therefore, everytime we visit with Granny, he will ask for "ice". Mom will actually take the large ice cubes, place them in a towel, and crush them with a hammer. I can remember her doing that for me when I was little too. What a labor of love for her grandson!!! He seems to even want ice at home too in the evenings, it's like a special treat and he gets all excited when he observes you getting it ready for him. He also got to see his Uncle Ronnie (aka Papa) and he rode the lawn mower with him for a little while he was cutting Mom's grass. When we got home, his Daddy was cutting grass and he once again got all excited when he saw his Daddy on the mower because he knew he would get to ride again.
Chase is doing so much now, he's truly getting so independent and does not want any help doing anything. He gets so mad if you even try to help him. He's our little man!!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Fun Weekend with the Girls

Haylie, Marissa and Caitlin spent the night with us this weekend! Chase had a great time playing with all the girls! He and Haylie rode their trikes and rhino, played in the tub together, rode the rocking horse and elephant in Chase's room, and just had so much fun together. Chase also loved playing basketball again with his new basketball goal. He later watched basketball on TV with his Daddy! He's so precious and he was so loving today too. Chase was so cute at church and also stayed in BIG church with us until preaching began. He did really good too! He loves Sunday School and church!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Chase with his cousin Timothy (Bubba) and Becca

Chase loves his cousin Timothy and especially his girlfriend, Becca. Chase now refers to Timothy as "Bubba." He can say it so well too. And Chase is such a charmer around Becca, he just loves pretty girls!!!

Easter is truly my favorite time of the year! We had such a wonderful time at our church easter egg hunt and cook-out. Randy did the cooking for over 50 people. We are truly blessed to have such a loving church family.

A Few Misc. Easter Pictures

Sweet picture of Granny kissing Chase's hand as we are leaving church on Easter Sunday. She loves her grandson, that's for sure!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

First Trip to the Park with Chase

We took Chase to the park today for the first time and he had so much fun! He got excited as soon as we pulled up and he saw the playground. He rode the spring rocking horse, he loved the slide and especially the swing. We must get him a swing for the backyard as he just laughed and laughed. I just love and enjoy seeing him do new things. He also had a fun day outside playing with Levi and Shawn's cousin Britan. They played in the sand, had fun with bubbles, and played with playdough. We then stopped by to see Granny before we went home for the night. Chase went to bed early as he was so tired from a fun, fun day!!!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Chase Learning to Play Basketball

Chase is learning how to play basketball and he loves it!! Randy got a basketball goal for Chase yesterday and he plans to install it in the barn isle however, he held it up in the kitchen so he could practice first. Chase is having so much fun "shooting the hoop" and he is so funny when he says "bisset ball." All these new words that he can pronounce and it's so cute how he actually pronounces them. Chase also said his babysitter's name this morning, Mrs. Shawn. However, it sounds like he said "Hawn." I'm sure the "S" will come soon!!! He is just so adorable and so very much fun with all the new things he's learning. He also wore his Oshgosh overall shorts today and fell down and received his first really bad boo-boos on his knees. I think I will buy him some knee pads....haha!!! Just kidding!!! I guess that's why I have so many scars on my knees too. He'll probably have more than me being a boy!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

My Daddy, My Daddy....Golf Cart!!

You know Randy loves to hear the words, "My Daddy, My Daddy....Golf Cart." Those are the words that Chase says almost everytime we pull up in the driveway at home. We enter the house and he immediately finds his Daddy to take him for a ride. For those that do not know Randy well, he is an avid golfer and truly looks forward to the day he can take Chase to the golf course. He's been saying that ever since we had him! Chase is sooo cute too when he says it, he just absolutely loves being outdoors and riding his Go Diego Trike, or his John Deere Tractor or our Rhino, or of course, the golf cart. Another very common thing that Chase says is "booon-boooon" which actually should be pronounced "vroom-vroom." He loves his cars and anything he can ride or drive!!! I sure wish he said My Momma like he says "My Daddy!" The one funny thing he does say with my name is "Momma juice". When he wakes up in the morning, he immediately wants me to bring him something to drink, so therefore, he begins to holler, "Momma juice." It's so cute because the words run together and sounds like one word. He can repeat almost everything you say now. Our little baby boy, is growing up so fast.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chase Spent the Night with Nenean, Kev-Kev and LaLa

Chase stayed the night with Jonean, Kevin, and Lauren Deal last night. I think they acquired their names "Nenean, Kev-Kev, and LaLa" from their niece, Anna Ruth. Anna Ruth came over to play with Chase last night too, and I know he had a blast with all the girls, Kevin too. He actually slept with Jonean and Kevin, I do not know how they got any sleep at all since Chase is a rough sleeper. He also woke them a bit early too around 6:15am which is really early for a Saturday morning. Jonean told me at one point last night, Chase was standing at the front door...saying, "my daddy", "my daddy!" and then later "momma", "momma." Awwww, he missed us!! I know he had a great time staying with them and it gave Randy and I a chance to enjoy a nice quiet dinner together.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Chase made a Easter gift for Momma and Daddy

We have an absolutely wonderful babysitter that keeps Chase while we work each day. Mrs. Shawn keeps Chase and he is always making little gifts for us while he is there Monday - Friday. We are so very blessed to have her caring for Chase. He made a beautiful painted star and his picture is on the star too. It is so gorgeous and I was so proud when he gave it to me. Shawn really does take a lot of time with Chase and I think he has learned so much since being there. Chase is very happy staying with them and we are very lucky to have Shawn and her wonderful family. Mrs. Shawn also took Chase and Levi to see a movie at the theaters last week. It was a 3-D movie. I can't believe she had the courage to take them to see a movie, we are talking a 20 month old and a 2 1/2 year old. Wow, she is braver than me!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Sunday 2009

What a wonderful Easter! We are truly Blessed indeed! We went to church with Mom and then everyone came to our house for our Annual Easter Potluck Dinner!! We always have so much food, and we had a wonderful time being with family and we had a great Easter Egg Hunt with almost 200 eggs to find!! Wow!!! Chase had so much fun with all his cousins!! He has grown so much since last Easter and he would run from egg to egg, and he knew he had to do it fast because someone else would get his egg. Sometimes he'd stop to eat the candy before proceeding to get another egg. He was too cute. I took him to see the Easter Bunny at Eastdale Mall on Saturday night and discovered that he did NOT like the big bunny at all! He began to cry before they could take the picture, so I guess we'll stick to chocolate bunnies instead.
Chase loved opening his Easter Basket on Sunday morning and got so excited with all the goodies, especially the stuffed candy eggs. He really loved his Go Diego Trike too!!! He helped his Daddy put it together as the Easter Bunny did not have time to do so!
God is so Good!!

Chase's Easter Kiss

Oh little man gets his first Easter Kiss from a precious little girl named Brandee at our 1st annual church Easter egg hunt. She just walked right up, wrapped her arms around him, gave him a big sweet kiss, and tackled him and as they fell to the ground, Chase yelled..."Help Me Momma, Help Me Momma!" It was a priceless moment!!! Chase had so much fun at the Easter Egg hunt and he literally ran with his Daddy to pick up all the eggs and then of course, he wanted to open them and get the candy! He loves candy!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Chase with Daddy and Momma


My Favorite Picture of the Three of Us

This is one of my favorite pictures that was taken when Chase turned one year old and it was taken at Southern Homes and Gardens in Wetumpka. Chase has grown so much since this picture. I'll always cherish all his pictures and especially those taken over the first year as he has changed and grown so fast. I know the time will continue to fly by and we are so grateful for this little boy!! He has made my life complete!! I pray that the Lord will equip us with the knowledge to always be good parents and to make the right decisions while trying desperately to raise a very respectful, kind, loving and Godly young man.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Chase is with Uncle Tim and Aunt Becky

Chase is with his Uncle Tim and Aunt Becky today. He actually spent the night with them and was having a blast when we left him last night. He was riding his John Deere tractor on their sidewalk and he was flying on it. He was digging in with his feet and pushing so hard and had the biggest grin on his face. He always LOVES to stay with them. He is especially fond on Timmy's girlfriend, Becca. She is a very pretty girl and Chase just blushes and has this "charmer" look on his face when he's around her, it's so funny! That's the "Chumley" coming out in him!! He's definately going to be a charmer. Randy and I needed a date night and actually went to The Catfish House and had a quiet, delicious meal. It has become increasing hard to take Chase out to dinner as when he says, "I'm done!", he is done and wants down to run around and play. He does not sit quietly while everyone else eats dinner.
Chase can say almost anything now and last week he actually said "Jesus" for the first time and I was so happy to hear those words come from my baby boy!!! He just smiled and kept saying it. It actually came out "Jejus", it was so cute and one very special moment.....right up there with "Momma!" Right now I'm really missing my baby boy! Can't wait to see him this afternoon and take him to see the Easter Bunny at the mall.