Saturday, May 30, 2009

Carlynn and Chase had a Play Day!

Carlynn spent the night with us on Friday night. Chase and Carlynn played together for the first time. Chase was sweet to her and kept calling her BABY! He could not or would not say Carlynn. He woke up this morning and wanted to know "where the baby go?" Then he went to her room and said loudly, "Baby..Baby!" Carlynn was excellent, slept through the night and is a very good baby girl! Chase was so jealous so when I held Carlynn, I normally had to hold Chase too on the other leg. He was really gentle with Carlynn and he even gave her some kisses!!
What's really funny about this is, Chase is Carlynn's Uncle and I told Chase he was "Uncle Chase" and then he ran around the room, yelling "Uncle Chase, Uncle Chase!" Too funny!!! Chase and Carlynn are 1 year apart in these pictures. Carlynn is 9 months and Chase is 21 months.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More Memorial Day Photos

Chase had such a wonderful day...he played so hard and he loved playing with the flags I had decorated the house and yard with. We road the Rhino and he just waved the flag in the wind. We also had a small inflatable whale pool with slide and sprinkler. He liked it too but he loved the big pool because all the other big kids were in the pool having a good time. He just laughed and laughed. He was not scared at all and he carried his round float with him everywhere. He would even jump into the water from the side of the pool. We all had a great day with all the family!!

Memorial Day 2009 - Fun Day with the Family

Granny and Chase are very Patriotic on Memorial Day!

Chase is so Smart...just like his Mommy!

I thought I should really journal all the cute and wonderful things that Chase is saying or doing now at this stage of his the way...he's 21 months....3 months away from the terrible twos!!!

Words and Phases that Chase says now:

Golf Cart, Vroom..Vroom
My Bike
Basketball...sounds like bissetball
Help Me Momma! Help Me!!
Outside (but it sounds like just "side") He loves to be outside!!
Horsey...sounds like "Sirsee"...this one is funny to hear!
My Bed
Dora and Diego
Be right back
He hit me....or Don't hit me!
Boo-Boo....means he wants a Dora band-aid!
I'm soon as we reach the driveway...he says this...too funny!
Oh Man! (His Daddy just taught him this phrase this weekend.)
What's This? He will ask you this 100 times and point to everything!! So Cute!!
Please and Thank You (He learned these wonderful words at Mrs. Shawn's)

He can say almost anything he wants, and besides Momma (I thought he'd never call my name) and Daddy, he can also say the following names: Granny, Sissy, Poppa, Chey, Shawn, Paul, Dustin, Bubba, Tim, Billy, Nenean, Caitlin, etc...... He has actually learned to HOLLER my name when calling me which is too cute!!!

It's truly amazing all the things he can do now...he's always trying to help us do things like, sweeping the floor and holding the dust pan, stirring the sweet tea, moving things from place to place, etc... He's our little man and he's growing up sooooo very fast!!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Chase learns to shave with his Daddy

Chase loves to watch his Daddy shave, and this particular morning, Randy decided to put some shaving cream on his face. He loved it, and laughed the entire time he had it on his face. Chase also wants deodorant everytime he sees his Daddy using it. He will mimic everything we do and it's too cute!!

Playing with the Garden Hose....Fun, Fun, Fun

While we were watering the flowers outside with the garden hose, Chase decided he wanted to walk beneath the water and the thought it was the neatest thing. He then commenced to running beneath the dripping water so therefore I just began to spray him with the hose. He laughed, and laughed while he ran around getting soaking wet with his clothes on. It was just one of those moments where he was having so much fun, and I was laughing at him so hard, we did not have time to get the swimsuit. It was so much fun watching him have the very best time!!! I can't wait to get him a small pull with maybe a slide. Even though we have a big pool in the back yard, I thought a little kidde pool with a sprinkler and slide would be fun for Chase. He definately loves the water!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day 2009

What a wonderful Mother's Day!! I am so very blessed to be Chase Dawson Chumley's Mommy! Chase was so much fun today and made me and Randy laugh so much today! He's just growing up so fast and we are just amazed at how much he's learning each day! He says more and more....such as this weekend when we pulled in the drive way...Randy said "We're Home", and then Chase bagan to say it over and over again..."we're home...we're home" It was so cute!! We went to church with Mom today and then went to her house and had lunch and gave her several gifts for Mother's Day and my favorite was a photo album from Chase made especially for Granny with pictures and even a voice recording of Chase talking. Chase gave me an awesome Sony digital camera that will take 3 pictures in one second! Hopefully I will figure out all the bells and whistle soon. We then went to Rocky Mount Cemetary to take flowers to Randy's mom's gravesite. It's always so sad when we go to take flowers and we have Chase with us, and to know that she never got to see Chase. She would have loved him dearly and I know she's looking down on him now with a big smile on her face! She was a very special and admirable Mother and we miss her so much. It's hard to believe she's been gone 4 years now.
Again, I am so very thankful and blessed to be Chase's Mother! I love him so much and he has made my life so complete! Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chase learns to cook with Aunt Peggy

Chase stayed with his Aunt Peggy for a few hours last week and I do believe that she gave him cooking lessons. When I came in to get him, I found him standing beside his Aunt Peggy in a chair at the kitchen counter and appeared to be assisting with making a chicken pot pie!! It was so cute, I wish I had a picture of it. I sure hope she can teach him to cook, as his Daddy sure does not have that talent!

Chase also stayed the night with his Aunt Becky and Uncle Tim again this weekend. He loves staying with them and hopefully I will get a copy of the picture where he was taking a nap with their yellow lab, Loretta. Chase loves Loretta and apparently she is very protective over Chase. Before we left, Chase gave Loretta a kiss on her wet nose. Randy was not very fond of the idea but I thought it was so cute and sweet!!! What's a little "wet-nose" puppy dog sugar!!!!

Zoo Trip

Chase and Levi had a fun, fun day with Mrs. Shawn this past Friday. She took them to the Zoo with some of her friends and their children. I think their was about 7 kids total. They rode the train and ate at the overlook restaurant too. I can't wait to take him again soon!! I know he had an awesome time. Shawn is so very wonderful to our little baby boy, and takes so much time with him!! We are truly blessed to have her caring for our son!!!