Monday, June 29, 2009

Chase and WWE (World Wrestling)

My son and way!!! I can not believe that while Randy was flipping the channels, he stopped briefly on WWE, and it caught Chase's attention so fast. Chase began to get upset when Randy changed the channel. Then, of course, Randy would flip back to WWE to see what Chase would do. Well, he climbed up in his Daddy's lap and watched it intently without even blinking. Chase would fuss every time his Daddy would attempt to change the channel. It was so must know though that I hate wrestling and fuss when Randy wants to watch it, and now here is his son, loving wrestling. I have made a special request that we not watch wrestling on TV while Chase is awake as he most definitely will think that wrestling and tackling his friends is acceptable. I think he must think it's okay now, as at Sunday School this past Sunday, he tackled 2 different boys to the ground when they would not give up there toy. Gosh, we're going to have with our little man, and teaching him what is right and wrong! The picture above is Chase and his Daddy watching WWE for the First and Last time, for many, many years to come!!

Monday, June 22, 2009

For This Child I Prayed !!

I love these pictures of my baby boy! His little onesie says " Mommy's Answered Prayers." We have been truly blessed with an incredible son and he has made my life complete. Thank you Jesus for this amazing little man!! I prayed constantly for many years for Chase and endured a lot of heartache and pain until our prayers were eventually answered in God's timing. We must always remember to have faith in God's plans for our lives and that he does not always answer our prayers immediately. We are so very thankful for the blessing of our son!!

Brenda and Jay visited this weekend

Chase had some more fun this weekend swimming with Brenda and Jay Bird! We don't get to visit often, in fact, this is the first weekend we've been able to hang out together with our kids in several years, it seems. We then all went riding in the woods in the golf cart and rhino. We had a really great time visiting with good friends! Seems like it was just yesterday that Jay was Chase's age...time just flies by.

Happy Father's Day from Chase!!

Chase was so cute giving his Daddy his card and presents. He actually got into the bed with us once he woke up Sunday morning and began to beat his Daddy up. He loves to wrestle, pinch, hit, jump on, hit him with his baseball bat, kick, tackle, and just rough house with his Daddy. It's very funny to see them playing together and just being boys!! It must be the testoterone in boys that makes them play like that! He knows he can not hit his Mommy like he does his Daddy! Chase made a cute "I'm Nuts About You Dad" card at Sunday School and decorated a jar of peanuts with sports balls and I was so proud of him when he gave it to his Dad!!
Jeff, Kim, Marissa and Haylie came over and we grilled steaks for Father's Day! Chase went swimming with his Daddy for the 1st time this summer. He absolutely loves the water and did so great with his little dog paddle once we introduced him to his new float ring. He did so good with the new floatie!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

VBS - Chase attended his 1st Vacation Bible School

Chase went to Vacation Bible School at East Tallassee Baptist Church last week for the very 1st time. Shawn took him and Levi all week and Chase loved it. He made so many awesome things during this time. I was excited to have them to hang on my board at work. The crafts my baby boy made are on display for everyone to see!! I can't believe how exciting it was to hang these items at work. I have several things on the refigerator at home that he has made during the time he has stayed with Shawn. It's amazing how proud a Mother feels when her child makes things for them. I'm so thankful that I have been blessed with being Chase's mommy!!

I experienced an awesome moment last week while rocking Chase to sleep. He has had a difficult time falling asleep on his own since I've taken his night time bottle away. We finally took the bottle away at 21 months!! I know that sounds awful since they recommend doing this at 12 months. Anyway, while rocking him a moment, he layed his face against mine and I could feel his eye lashes blinking against my cheeks, that closeness is so wonderful. I know time goes by so quickly and I must cherish this closeness now!!! It won't last long! Anyway, he was playing possum and would sit up and put his face right next to mine, and say in a deep voice "Momma!" He did this about 4 times and then I tapped him on his fanny, and told him to close his eyes and go "night-night." He immediately said, "AMEN!" It was so precious and funny!! I love my little man!!! He did this about a week ago too so he definatelty gets the "AMEN" portion of his prayers.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chase is learning his night time Prayers

I have been trying to teach Chase his nighttime prayers while I'm rocking him at night. Yes, he is 21 months old, and I just took his last bottle away finally and he's having difficulty falling asleep, so we rock and have good quality, Mommy and baby boy time. Thus, we began the "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer! He says a few of the words, but he's got the "AMEN" down pat now!! I actually tapped him on his bottom the other night because he was wanting to talk and play while I was trying to get him to sleep, and I told him..." Close your eyes and go to sleep" and he immediately said "Amen". It was so precious and cute, I just had too squeeze him!

He's also saying words and phrases such as Jesus, Bible, I want one, My turn, Oh Man, No way Jose, (his daddy taught him the last 2 phrases, ha!), puppy dog, kitty cat, food, etc.....he can really say almost anything.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Arts and Crafts by Chase

Chase loves to make different arts and crafts. I was so excited to see that he made a pine cone bird feeder today. Shawn has some of the greatest ideas and I love her creativity! It means a lot to know she takes so much time with him!
Chase absolutely loves baseball, football, basketball and any other type of ball. He gets into watching it on TV with his Daddy. He will swing his golf club around like it's a bat while watching TV. This weekend while watching the Women's World Series Softball game, he made the picture with all the sticker balls. He even managed to peel the sticker off the back and stuck them on the paper alll by himself....just amazing to me!!

Terrible Twos are Upon Us Early !

Look at this precious little cuddly face!! I can not believe my little baby boy has now become a toddler that is beginning to reach the terrible twos about 3 months early. All the articles I read says that it can begin early and last until they are 3 years old....arggghhhh! Chase has begun to whine, cry and throw temper tantrums often. Oh how I pray for patience for both Mommy and Daddy during this chapter of his little life! He is becoming so independent and he gets so mad if you even attempt to help him...he will throw a fit quickly. We have been utilizing the "time out" method for discipline and it works for the most part. On most occasions, I just mention time out and he puts himself in time out. He's a smart boy, he's just testing us. He doesn't seem to do it much with Shawn, Chase's baby sitter.