Tuesday, July 28, 2009

VBS at Cornerstone Church July 22-26,2009

We had such a wonderful 1st Vacation Bible School at my new church. Chase had fun and did good without me while attending his bible story and music class. He also leared the "Boomerrang Express" song....and "it all comes back to Jesus"...."All aboard!" He jumped up and down and danced during the Sunday morning commencement and I was so proud of him. His Granny and Aunt Brenda ("Gran"), and Heather came for the commencement day! I pray that little seeds about Jesus are being planted in his heart and soul and hoping that one day he will accept Jesus Christ as his Saviour!!! We were so blessed during VBS at Cornerstone church!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chase's Favorite Things

It's been awhile since I have posted Chase's favorite things to do as well as all the words he's saying and the new things he's doing now at 23 months. Balls and Bats......we bought Chase a Go Diego Go bat and ball, and he is nuts about his bat and all types of balls. In fact, he takes his ball to the sitters house each day plus one for his friend Levi to play with. He insists on taking the bat everywhere he goes...that includes to bed with him!!! He's always saying, "Where'd by bat go?", or "My bat, My Bat!!" He also loves his tennis shoes or any shoes actually. He just got a new pair of tennis shoes with light up balls on them and he wants to wear them to bed too!! He now loves to swing on his new swingset,too. His Daddy is trying really hard to have it all put together for his birthday in about a month. He also loves his water guns and loves squirting everything in site! One funny phrase or combination of words is "Mommadaddy" When he gets upset, he cries out "Mommadaddy!" It sounds like one long word, it's really cute and funny. He will wake up in the morning saying it over and over again!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

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All the Chumley crew came to the house on July 4th. It was the biggest crowd ever. Chase had a great time until he had an accident and hit the side of the pool while swimming and he had a deep cut at the crease of his eye. It looked horrible and freacked me out but it was not as bad as we thought. He cried and cried so I know it hurt him.