Monday, August 31, 2009

Chase's Big Boy Bed

The weekend after Chase's birthday, Randy decided it was time to convert Chase's baby crib to a toddler bed. Especially since about 1 1/2 weeks ago, Randy found Chase stradling the bedrail, hollering "gitty-up horsey!" He's so funny! Thank heavens he did not fall off the bedrail. Chase is so sweet and he's really a good boy and says "thank you" all the time. Well, as soon as Randy took the bedrail down and let Chase get into his toddler bed, Chase looked at his dad and said "Thank You, Daddy." Soo sweet!! He just melts my heart sometimes, most of the time actually!
He hopped into his bed and thought he had a new trampoline, he jumped and jumped!! He loved it! Chase actually slept in the bed all night the very first night and has every night since then as well. He has done alot better than I ever expected! In fact, when he awakes in the morning, he still cries for me to come get him, he still has not figured out quite yet that he can get up anytime he wants too. Mercy, I feel like my little baby is all grown up almost, it actually made me a bit teary eyed to know the baby bed is gone now! Chase is growing up way too fast for me!! At least he still wants me to rock him at night, something I dearly love to do!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Daddy spoils Chase with a new Vroom-Vroom!!!

Haylie's birthday party was this past Saturday and she got a cute Disney ATV/4-Wheeler and Chase loved it. He cried and cried when we left and wanted the Vroom-Vroom as he calls it! His Daddy went golfing while Chase took an afternoon nap, however when his Daddy got home, he immediately told Chase he was going to Toys R Us to get his baby boy a vroom-vroom.......I personally was thinking that this would be a great Christmas gift, but Randy was not happy with the tiny little Harley Bike we gave him for his birthday, so he insisted on getting him a bigger one. Chase was so excited when his Daddy told him that he was getting a fact, it was funny when we arrived in the parking lot at Toys R Us, Chase got all excited and started pointing at the store saying "Vroom-Vroom." Now, how did he know that was the toy store?.....he's such a smart boy!!!!!! Chase absolutely loves his 4-wheeler, in fact he can really steer it really good and seems to understand what stop means and he really knows what FAST means! Ha! He seems like such a big boy riding the 4-wheeler.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday Chase!

My little baby boy is now 2 years old, gosh it's hard to believe. He/We had a fabulous weekend celebrating with family and friends. The weekend started with his actual birthday on Friday, August 14th and we had a Mickey Mouse birthday cake for Chase and he received a Mickey Mouse blanket, Pajamas, and Mickey Mouse toys too. He had to blow out his candles about 4 times, he kept saying, "one more time", "one more time." He was so cute! He absolutely loves cake too!!! Caitlin stayed the night with us to help baby sit Chase while I prepared for his big birthday party on Saturday. His party began at 10:30am and he had a huge crowd. We had a moon walk castle with a double slide for all the kids to play on. The theme of his party was Diego and Dora, in fact, he calls everyone Dora, he never says Diego. We had a Dora pintata but we saved it for Sunday with the family. He received lots and lots of toys and clothes. He loves his Hot Wheel bike (from Uncle Rick and Aunt Rayma) and his Remote control dirt bike (from Papa and Gran). He was truly blessed with entirely too much stuff! We then had another party on Sunday at Granny's for Ronnie, Rick, and Peggy and of course, Chase always gets in on this fun too and got to blow out candles for the third consecutive day! I think it's pretty neat that his birthday falls the day between his Aunt and Uncles birthday!!! We just partied all weekend long and I think it has taken me almost all week to recover from it all! I can't wait to watch Chase learn and grow this upcoming year. He is truly an amazing little boy!!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Last Day as a 1 Year Old

Where does the time go....and so quickly. My little baby boy is a toddler now and tomorrow he will be 2 years old. I'm tearing up just thinking how fast the time flies by as I hold on to all those cherished moments of holding him as a newborn, the nights I've rocked him to sleep and we still rock on most nights, and now as he is becoming more and more independent. He can say just about everything and he gives such awesome hugs and kisses that just melts his mommy's heart!!! And he has become an obvious Alabama fan almost over night, he can say "Alabama" and "Roll Tide", and he always ask if his Daddy is "Golfing" though he just says "golf." So, as we hold the 1 year old memories dear to our heart, we will enter into the wonderful 2 year old stage and I'm sure we'll enjoy every moment of them too, and we'll pray to not experience much of the "Terrible Twos". Chase is a blessing from up above and Randy and I are so very thankful that God chose to bless us with our incredible son!! Happy 2nd Birthday Chase tomorrow!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Beach Trip July 2009

Chase loved the beach trip this year! I was so excited about the trip and I'm just so thrilled that he had so much fun and was so good on the trip. He loved the ocean and his Uncle Tim took him out and there were some big waves and a few soaked him good. He seemed to love it though. Chase would not stand in the shallow part of the ocean, he seemed to be scared if he was not being held. He did have fun playing in the sand and had a little friend that he played with too. He was most facinated with this little tiny white fish that someone had caught in the ocean and put in a bucket of water. He thought that was the coolest thing! We had so much fun with Chase on this vacation trip!!! I dearly love making memories with my little man!!! He brings us so much joy and happiness!

Chase gets a puppy!

Yep, I think I have lost my mind!! I wanted to get Chase a puppy so we decided to get a 7 week old black lab about 2 weeks ago. Roxie is gorgeous however she is so rambunctious and I have to watch her constantly when she is with Chase as she will knock him down and bite him....she's just rough housing because she's a puppy though. Chase loves her and he's so cute when he says puppy, it sounds like "happy". He can say Roxie perfectly! He loves just to lay on her and love all over Roxie! Hopefully Roxie will calm down in a few months!