Friday, September 25, 2009

"What you doing?" and "Why?"

These are two of Chase's most used phrases right now. He will come up to us all the time and say "What you doing?" and then when you tell him what you are doing it will then be followed by the question, "Why?" It's so cute and we just love how his vocabulary has increased and he literally speaks in sentences almost or at least long fragments. Our little boy is really growing up fast!

Chase has the Swine Flu...scary!

Chase was diagnosed with the swine flu on Wednesday. There has been so much scary news on the swine flu over the last month, it has really struck fear in us and we've worried that Chase would get it. There has been reports of many young people and children that have died from this strain of flu. Thank heavens Chase has had a mild case of it and we took him to the doctor quickly and he was put on Tamiflu (which he hates and spits out.) I have been at home with my little man for the last 3 days and we must stay away from everyone until Saturday, 4 days basically. The doctor reassured us that the swine flu is not as severe as the seasonal flu actually. Chase ran a high fever of 102.4 on Tuesday night about 11:30pm and we gave him some fever reducing meds, and thank goodness it worked as even the bottom of his feet were burning up. When we woke that morning, his fever was once again high, 101.7. We took him to the doctor immediately. I'm so thankful that the Lord has taken care of Chase and this flu sickness has not been as bad as we feared.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Monsters and Shadows..YIKES!

I can not believe my son now sees the shadows from the night light and thinks they are monsters. I have no idea where he heard or learned about monsters. However, he has a hard time going to sleep in his room with the night-light casting shadows on the walls in his room.
We did have fun tonight, Chase tried on his Zebra costume which was his costume from last Halloween. He had so much fun wearing it and looking at himself in the mirror. When he discovered the tail on the costume, he immediately said, "Get it off!" He also called the costume a monster and did not want it in his room when he went to bed tonight. Hopefully I was able to calm his fears for awhile.

Monday, September 14, 2009

God Bless Mama, God Bless Daddy, God Bless Roxie

I can't believe it, Chase began saying his night time prayer tonight all by himself! I was so amazed. We have been saying God Bless everyone and everyone includes Granny, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, friends, honestly, I think we bless everyone and their dog, every night!!! We end the prayer with, "I love you Jesus, Amen!!!" If I start trying to help him by saying names, Chase will now stop me and say..."I do it, Mama!" He is such an incredible little boy and I love every moment of being his Mama!!

I was thinking about how I need to journal some of the neat and fun things that Chase is doing now that he has turned 2 !! Some of them are as follows:

He always insists on picking out his own clothes, and it must have a "boon-boon" aka motorcycle or bike, or baseball or football. He hollers "I wanna go, I wanna go" all the time and especially when his Daddy is going golfing. He cried and cried this weekend because he wanted to go "golf" with his Daddy. He does not say golfing, it's just golf! His Daddy has promised to take him the next time he goes....yay...that will be a moment to cherish for sure. Chase now loves monkeys! He kept saying "I want a Monkey, Mama!" Please Monkey!!! I'm excited about this too because I bought him some Curious George books, stickers and movie and he LOVES them!!! He of course loves to ride his 4-Wheeler or "Boon-Boon!" He wants to ride it every single day. We really had fun last week when I thought of a fun inside game. I created a tent by placing a sheet over 2 chairs. Chase got underneath the sheet and played, ate his snacks, watched a movie on a portable DVD player, and then wanted to eat his dinner under the tent! He was loving it and then wanted Mama and Daddy to get under the tent with him, so of course, Mama did and we watched much fun!!!!! He even insisted that I lay on my stomach just like he was doing!! He's really specific on what he wants these days. He's such a mess and makes me laugh so much!!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Zoo Trip on Labor Day 2009

We decided to take Chase to the zoo today since we were off for Labor Day. The last time I took him to the zoo, he was only 2 months old and it was Linley's birthday party. Shawn actually took Chase earlier this year with his friend Levi but I did not get the joy of seeing him with all the zoo animals and all his reactions. Chase got excited from the moment he saw the concrete elephants at the entrance to the zoo. He had a really good time though it was a hot day. He loved the monkeys the best!! He kept asking to go back and see the monkeys, and he loved the train ride too. He was really tired by the end of the train ride so we decided to call it a day since it was nap time for Chase. Once Chase awoke from his nap at home, he cried and cried to see the monkeys again. It was kind of sad, I guess he thought we could just go outside and the monkeys would be there. He was really upset for awhile.

Chase has been sick with a summer time cough and cold for the last few weeks though I think a lot of his sniffles is due to teething also, he seems to be cutting his 2 year old molars!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Chase and his Daddy love Alabama Football

videoChase loves Alabama football!! Roll Tide !!!!

Alabama Football Season Begins

As Alabama Football Season drew near, Randy wanted to get Chase an Alabama Football outfit with helmet. Chase loves helmets and kept asking his Daddy for a helmet. Thus, Randy began the search for Chase's request. I think Randy searched everywhere to find Chase an Alabama helmet and finally found one at the last stop of the day at Hibbett Sports in Tallassee, imagine that, of all places. Anyway, the most important thing is that Randy made Chase's day when he gave him his Alabama helmet. Chase loved it and after putting on his uniform he wanted to go outside to play football. He would kick the football and take off running and hollered "Touchdown Alabama!" He was too cute and precious!!! Randy had the biggest smile on his face, it was one of the "very proud daddy moments" since this was the first time he's been able to share his joy of football with his little man!! Chase had to have his helmet by his bedside that night and for many more nights to come! Everytime Chase sees the Alabama emblem on a car while going down the road, he hollers...."Alabama Mama, Alabama!" He knows his Alabama!!!!