Tuesday, October 27, 2009

First Golf Trip with his Daddy

Saturday was an exciting day for Chase and his Daddy, they went golfing for the first time. Chase's Uncle Tim and his Daddy's friend, Buddy, all went golfing early Saturday morning at River Run golf course in Montogmery. I think this was one of the proudest Daddy moments that Randy has actually experienced since Chase has been born! Chase really had fun and was wide open on the golf course. He would hit the ball with his driver, though it would take him about 4 tries before he actually hit the ball, but he was trying really hard! He helped his Daddy put the ball many times. Of course he loved riding in the golf cart, and he looked so cute too! He looked just like a miniature golfer with his khaki pants, golf shirt, alabama golf shoes, and his awesome Robert Trent Golf Course jacket that I found at a cosignment store for $ 10.00!! I know this is the first of many days to come in which Chase will enjoy golfing with his Daddy!!! A day to cherish!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

New Golf Clubs - Real Clubs

Chase comes home to a awesome surprise from his Daddy, a brand new set of kiddie golf clubs. The REAL thing, golf bag with stand, putter, driver, and an iron. He thought he was the coolest dude with his golf clubs, and he's ready to go play with his Daddy too. Hopefully we'll still have some warm days and they can go to the golf course together. I know I will have to tag along to take some pictures of the long awaited event!! Randy has truly talked about this moment from the time Chase was born, actually since he was conceived and we learned it was a boy!!! It will be a proud "daddy moment" for sure!!

First Trip to the State Fair...Fun Time!!

Wow...what a great time Chase had at the state fair. He loved it all, and especially all the fun little kiddie rides. He barely measured the 36 inches allowing him to ride the kiddie rides and we were very selective about the few rides we decided to let him ride. It really made me nervous as I was afraid he would try to get off right in the middle of the ride when it was going around on the tracks but luckily he just sat still and smiled everytime he saw us!! He had the cutest little grin on his face when he was on the rides going around and around. He rode the carousel with Billy, and the old timey cars with him too. He then rode the motorcycles, race cars, and a jeep all by himself, I was so proud of him!!! He would have had a better time if he was riding the little rides with Haylie or Carlynn so next year we will plan to go with them. He loved all the lights and we also went to the circus and the petting zoo! It was such a fun time!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

We had a really great time at the Pumpkin Patch at Dream Field Farms located near Union Springs this weekend. We went with Haylie, Nenean, Jona and Anna Ruth. Chase loved it as there was so much to do. Their was a petting zoo and he and Haylie loved touching the sheep and feeding them corn, and then they played with a wood cow that was setup for the kids to milk, it was too funny! The actually milked the cow!! Then we went on the hay ride to the pumpkin patch and it was a gorgeous site to see all the big and little pumpkins in the field. Chase and Haylie knew immediately to pick up a pumpkin. We then played in the corn boxes, not sand boxes but corn box! It was really neat too, and they loved it!! We also rode on a neat cow train and they jumped and slide on the inflatables. It was a memorable day and I think we all had a super great time!!! Chase wanted to take his pumpkin to church with him the next day and also to bed with him....so sweet!!! He loves his punkin!