Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chase loves Alabama Football

Chase loved Alabama football on most days. Occasionally he will ask for an Auburn helmet. I've converted to Alabama myself to prevent Chase from wanting Auburn stuff.
He loves to play football and dress up in his uniform and helmet..he plays so rough that he actually bruises his shoulders from falling down with his helmet on. He plays tackle with his Daddy on many nights in the middle of the living room floor.

Here are some cute pictures of Chase and Carlynn in their Alabama attire!

Happy 3rd Birthday Chase !!!

Chase had several parties for his 3rd birthday!! His first party was at school with his classmates. He had a spideman cake, and we gave out goodie bags to all his friends. He was so excited when I showed up with his cake and treats for his friends.

Chase's big birthday party was at Pump It Up on his actual birthday, August 14th. He had so much fun on the inflatables. He had so many friends and family at his party and and he received lots of great presents. He asked if he could have his next birthday party at Pump It Up too. He received a awesome blue light up drum set from Momma and Daddy, he loved his drum set!

I can't believe my little man is a three year old. Time has gone by so fast! I've enjoyed every moment of being Chase's Momma! He's such a joy and blessing to us!

Monday, September 20, 2010

June 2010 Vacation Bible School - Saddle RIdge Ranch

Well, we made a leap of faith and took Chase to a new church for VBS this year since we left CornerStone Church. We began to visit Elam Baptist and decided to take him to VBS there for a week. Chase was actually staying with his "Gran" this week as his daycare was actually closed due to VBS at the church so it worked out perfectly and we loved the church and they were so good with Chase. It was scary leaving him but I knew several people at the church and our dear friend Glen Stroud and Jim Alice Cullards made me feel good about leaving him. He actually performed in front of the church during the VBS commencement service and we were so proud of him despite he really showed out on the stage. He loved the songs they sang, especially..."Say VBS!" He would say the Yes, Yes, Yes, part....over and over and then the VBS, VBS, VBS....I'm so thankful I can plant the little seeds of Jesus to Chase will grow up to know Jesus our Savior!! Brother Don Stevens and his daughter Ashley were such a blessing to us during this week of VBS!!

June 2010 - Promotion at Daycare to 3 year old class

Chase was promoted to the 3 year old class as Eastern Hills Baptist Childcare. I was really apprehensive about the promotion, as I loved his teachers, Ms. Jade and Ms. Natalie. After about 2 weeks into his new class, I realized that his new teacher was totally awesome and a fabulous teacher. Ms. Jennifer Waters is Chase's new teacher and he's in a class with one other boy, named Connor. and all the rest are pretty girls...poor boy!!! He's surrounded by cute, sweet little girls. Some of them were in his previous class but other friends were put in the older 3 year old class. Ms. Jennifer is from Tallassee and I graduated with her sister, Danielle Haynes. I really hit it off with Jennifer and she's so easy to talk to and very encouraging when talking to her about Chase's development. I'm looking forward to a great year, we love Easterhills Daycare!!!

Long Lost Blogger Back to Blogging !

I can't believe that it's been 5 months since I've made a post to Chase's blog. I sure hope I can remember all the wonderful months that have passed me by. Life just got really fast and hectic during the summer and my blogging got put on the back burner. I hope to try and catch up, and back track several of the special moments in Chase's life over the last 5 months. So here post....the beginning of his new class at Eastern Hills Childcare Ministry.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Chase learns about Heaven :( :(

This is by far the most difficult post I've ever had to write for Chase's blog. On Thursday, April 21st, we had to put my first horse, Katie, to sleep. She was so old, she was actually almost 28 years old which is 80 something in human years. Katie had so many issues with her knees, and was so thin from not being able to eat hay due to the loss of her teeth. She layed down to roll this past weekend, and it took her 3-4 attempts to get up and could barely get up, and it was at that point, I knew it was time. It was the hardest decision and thing I've had to do, as Katie was a dear, sweet mare, and she was the best and most gentle horse I've ever known. She taught me how to ride and had so much patience with me over the years.
I do regret that Chase was never able to ride her nor did I ever take a picture of him on Katie's back...I came so close to having him sit on her for our 2009 Christmas cards as I knew it would probably be my last chance. I will regret that for years to come. Chase immediately realized Katie was not there the next day and asked where she was and I told him she was in Heaven. I had to attempt to explain to a 2 1/2 year old, what Heaven meant, and where it about a hard and difficult conversation. He knew I was upset because I could not hold back my tears when he asked where Katie was and when I told him her knees hurt really bad, and she was really old, and that she went to Heaven, we'd see her again one day. Chase looked at me and asked if we could go get here when she was better! Boy, I lost it again!!!
Truly, Katie was the most beautiful bay mare, she provided me with an awesome colt named Chief many years ago, which we later sold, and she gave me endless hours of awesome hours on the trails where I was able to see nature from her back which was truly the most incredible experience. She kept me safe and will always hold a very special place in my heart!! I know she galloped into Horsey Heaven the day she left this world. She will be missed so very much, and I thank God for sending her to me 15years ago. She was the BEST horse ever!!!

Jumanji Zoo Trip...Wolf Escapes !!!

Last weekend, we went to the Montgomery Zoo with Marissa, Haylie and my friend, Jonean. Chase was looking forward to his 3rd trip to the zoo, and talked about it the whole week leading up to the big trip. Little did we know, that it would be an unforgettable but scary trip!! After seeing the maned wolves at their exhibit, we commenced to touring the reptile museum, and then within 5-10 minutes, about 3 golf carts came around the corner and we thought they were going to run over us until the zoo workers got out of the carts and told us to rush towards a building, and then we realized something was up with this scenario, I began to run with Chase and Marissa, Jonean, and Haylie followed me quickly. After being rushed inside a building by the zoo workers, they told us a wolf had ESCAPED!!! Oh my gosh, how scary, I can not believe that a wild animal escaped while at the zoo with the kids. Thankfully, we were safe and they captured the wolf.
The kids loved the zoo, and we had a great time seeing all the animals. The baby elephant really put on a show for us by swimming in the pond for a long time. He was too cute, and Chase loved it. Chase kept saying, " I want to see more animals!" He especially loved the train and the playground!!
We all had a great time and really laughed about the wolf escape after it was all over! Chase loved telling the story of the wolf escaping and us running to the building and is already asking if he can go back to the zoo!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Simply Fun!

It's amazing how much Chase loves the simple fun of swinging and sliding on his gym set and one of my favorite things as a child was playing with play dough, with the Fun Factory accessories. He wants to swing and slide every single day, and gets the biggest grin on his face and the laughter and giggles just melts my heart and brings back memories of my own childhood when he's swinging. We've also been playing with play dough and making cool things like spaghetti, worms, snakes, cheese, stars, and all the neat little animal creatures. He has gotten really good and making things himself.

Chase had gotten so independent by playing in his room now, though he prefers me in there with him, but he's getting better at being alone for alittle while anyway. He also want to go to the bathroom by himself and tells me "don't come in here" and hold his hand up telling me to stop and go away....and he's also learning to "wipe"...ha...they are teaching him so much at school...I did not teach him that...I thought it was too early but I guess not becuase he's doing it...He also like pretending to be a baby and wants to wear baby clothes, drink from baby cups, and crawls around acting like a baby. Pretending as he he plays has become very common too.

Right now he's getting ready to go to Monster Mountain with the Chumley Boys.....Dear Lord...please protect him!! He loves it but it scares him Mama to death!! Thank you Lord for watching over him!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Photos 2010

Easter 2010

What a fabulous Easter! Chase was so much fun and he really had a great time at all his Easter Egg Hunts, he had three egg hunts on three different days. He had an Easter party and egg hunt at his daycare and took all dinosaur eggs filled with candy. In fact, he awoke that Friday morning for school and asked for his "dinosaur eggs" immediately, even before his chocolate milk, which we know is his favorite and he must have it when he wakes up. Chase then had a fun easter egg hunt at our new church, First Baptist on Saturday. He played in the inflatable jumpers with the kids and then they hunted eggs, and then had a snack. He did not know any of the kids since we had just started attending this church about 4 weeks ago, but he would always stand or sit really close to the girls, just like he knew them all a long. He's such a flirt already! Then on Easter Sunday, we went to church, and Chase was such a cute little man in his Easter clothes. I wish we had gotten a good family shot but the picture of all three of us turned out awful, we did not have a photographer and Randy felt really bad too. We then had about 36 family members at the house for lunch and Easter egg hunt, and it was fabulous as always!! Chase loved hunting eggs again and it was so funny when the hunt started...Brandi, hollered ready, set, go....Chase took off running straight to the slide because he saw an egg on it and bypassed about 10 eggs on the way to this one...he would pick one up...shake it...if it sounded empty with no candy, he would throw it down and move on to the next one. If he heard candy rattle, he would stop and want to open it to eat the candy...he'll get better next year!!! Ha!!
I love Easter and we got some really good pictures of Chase with Carlynn and Haylie too! We love spending the holidays with the family!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Let Me Do It !!

We're at the stage in Chase's life where he always says, "Let me do it!" It's the unexpected time of "INDEPENDENCE." He wants to do everything by himself, getting dressed and undressed, and the battle of deciding what HE wants to wear each day. And at this point, the only thing he wants to wear is motorcycle shirts. Chase wants to get in the car without any assistance from Momma.
Chase is growing up so fast, it's just hard to believe he's going to be three years old soon. He's doing so good with potty-training too! Since beginning daycare in January of this year, he's really learned alot and his social skills have really changed. He can say everything, and loves to mimic what we do and say!!! It's too cute!! He loves to help clean house too, he will vacuum, clean windows, and bathrooms.
He also loves to help his Daddy with everything. I actually think he's quickly becoming a Daddy's boy, they have so much fun together outside playing, and going to Monster Mountain to ride their dirtbikes with Uncle Tim and Uncle Walt, Timothy and Carson. They have fun with just the Chumley Boys!!!
We decorated for Easter today and he was running around, singing "Happy Easter!" He's getting excited about the Easter Bunny coming on Sunday!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Motocross !!

We had such a great weekend. Friday night we all went out to eat dinner for Timothy's 20th birthday and Chase was so good and he had on the cutest Monster Energy Motocross jersey that he received from his Uncle Tim and Aunt Becky. He loves the jersey and will not take it off, he even sleeps with it on. Saturday I took Chase to the park, his Daddy let him ride his "boon-boon" all around the house, and we also let Chase swing and slide on his playground at home too. We then watched motocross that night, plus Marissa spent the night with us. Chase kept calling her "Sissy!" So funny! Sunday we went to our new church and Chase loves it too. After church we all went to Monster Mountain and Chase once again had a BLAST riding the small motocross bike with his Uncles, Tim and Walt. Walter even gave Chase his first motocross helmet which he dearly loves too. He came home and had to have it beside him when he took his nap. He had so much fun and was exhausted after riding! He got so excited when we first arrived at Monster Mountain....gosh...motocross must be in the Chumley blood.....we did all have fun and I just pray for Timothy, Carson and Chase's safety when riding their bikes!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Motocross

Chase is a motocross, boon-boon, motorcycle...crazy boy!!! He loves it, and I'm just still so nervous about it all but I guess I'm giving into it because the entire Chumley family loves most importantly, it brings Chase and his Daddy much joy. If you could see the look on Chase's face when he's riding at Monster Mountain, or just looking at books with bikes, looking online at helmets, or just playing with all his motorcycles, don't see this look on his face with anything else.

We went to Monster Mountain about 2 weeks ago and once again Chase rode a small motocross bike with his Uncles...Tim and Walt both. Randy and I rode around in the Rhino and watched Timmy and Carson jump the hills and just have fun....YES, it still scares me but I'm prayig already for his safety if this is what his heart desires as he grows up. I pray for his safety all the time, even driving to work in the morning...I hate the commute with him to Montgomery each day.

We ordered his 1st motocross helmet yesterday and when I told him the postman would deliver it, he was sooo upset the next morning when the helmet had not arrived, in fact, when we got home from daycare, the first thing Chase said was.."where's the postman". Too funny!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday Party Weekend

Chase had a busy Saturday and went to two birthday parties. He had been singing Happy Birthday to Will and Dausan all week leading up to the parties. Everyday he would ask if he was going to the party. He was so anxious for Saturday and the parties. We started the day at 10am with Dausan's 2nd birthday party that was held at Red Hill Community Center. He had a firetruck birthday with a firetruck jumper. The kids had fun jumping with the balls. We then went to Will's 5th birthday at Chucky Cheeze in Montgomery. Chase had only been there on other time but he knew immediately what to games!!! He loved playing all the games, we got him to slow down for just a minute to wish Will a Happy Birthday and to eat a "Sponge Bob" cup cake! He had a blast was ill as a hornet by 4pm as he had not had a nap!!
He had so much fun celebrating everyone's birthday!!! What a fun filled day!!!! Happy Birthday to Will and Dausan!! :)

Wrestling Mania at The Chumleys

Yep, just come on over to our house and watch WWE with Chase and his Daddy, while they wrestle together on the floor. Chase has a ball and just giggles so much while he's tumbling and doing somersaults while wrestling with his Daddy! I really don't think it's a good idea to be watching wrestling at 2 1/2 years old but his Daddy just loves it too. It definately wore him out playing so hard because he sacked out quickly which is a good thing for me!!!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monster Mountain

Chase spent the night with his Uncle Time and Aunt Becky last weekend and they went to Monster Mountain which is where Chase's Bubba rides motorcross. I am not thrilled with him being around Motorcross because I know he will love it and want to spend time on motorcycles and that really scares me!! He really had a blast riding the small motorcross bike that Walt brought for him to ride. It was Carson's little bike. He was riding with Aunt Becky and they had a little wreck, no major accident but they went into a little ditch and the bike turned over. Chase knocked his shoes off in the wreck and he just loved telling everyone the story of his wreck on the "boon-boon!" It was rather comical seeing him run around imitating the wreck and his shoes being knocked off! It was like a huge deal to him!! He liked riding through the tunnels with Uncle Walt too! They all said he had a fabulous time! Mercy, what am I to do, I am being outnumbered here by his Daddy, and all his Aunt and Uncles that like Motorcross. I just pray he outgrows his desire to be around motorbikes! Maybe he will just prefer other sports such as football, baseball, golf, whatever else his heart desires...just not motorcross!!!!

Tough Week at New Daycare

Well, I finally have the energy and heart to post about Chase's first week at his new daycare, Eastern Hills Baptist Childcare Ministry. It was such a difficult week and I really thought at the time I had made the worst decision. Chase cried all the way to school and the drive from home to Montgomery seemed like eternity. He would say he did not like his school, he did not like his friends, and he did not like Chocolate Milk. And if you really know Chase, he loves, and I mean he loves Chocolate Milk!!! It was a rough adjustment period as he would cry so much when I left him and I could not wait to pick him up at the end of the day. It was very tough on me too because I just knew I had made a bad decision. Luckily, the second week he adjusted much better and he seemed to really love his teachers and he has actually become much more loving over the last few weeks. He hugs his teachers, and his friends each day before leaving school and he does not cry when I leave him now. The big news is that he is well on his way to potty training....he's wearing big boy underwear at school now and has stayed dry all day long several times. For this new milestone, I am so happy! He's becoming a big boy fast!!! He is learning colors and letters each week at his new school and I can see a incredible difference in his personality. He's so outgoing and says bye to everyone when we are leaving school each day!!! I continue to pray that I made the right decision at the right time in my little man's life!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Santa Claus...Jolly Ole St. Nick

Chase really loved Santa Claus this year. He sat in his lap many times, once at Dollywood, twice at Foshee Christmas parties. Santa even told all the boys and girls a story, Twas the Night before Christmas, and he listened intently.

Christmas Eve was a busy night with all The Chumleys at our house until 11:00pm so Chase was up late. He loved playing with all the girls and opening all his presents...he received 2 guitars too, which he loved so much. He likes his music.

Santa was really good to Chase and left WAY TO MUCH!! We need to have a talk with Santa next year. Chase received a radio flyer rocking horse, a home depot tool bench with all power tools, mickey mouse which sings the hotdog song, mickey mouse drum set, broom and vacuum set to help mama clean, personalized luggage, spider man fishing pole, rocky the talking truck, air hockey game, and lots of clothes and a stocking full of movies. Of all the big items, he went to the air hockey game first. He loved playing air hockey on our vacation to the mountains.

Granny came over early to see all his presents and toys from Santa. We had a great time. The drums gave Granny a headache so she had to leave early.

The girls came over on Christmas morning too. Carmen and Carlynn came first and opened gifts. Kim, Jeff, Marissa and Haylie came about lunch and we had a wonderful Christmas with them until about 4pm and then went to Mom's for Christmas. Chase received a big riding dinosaur from his big sisters, and he named his Dino, Charlie!!

Though, Chase did get sick about Christmas eve with a terrible cold that turned into a pretty bad ear infection. I hate it when my baby boy is sick!

We had a very Merry and Blessed Christmas this year. Chase was so much fun!!!!

Christmas Time

It has been a great Christmas Season as Chase has really caught on to Christmas, the decorations, Santa Claus, presents, singing Chipmunk songs (thanks to Shawn), and he learned about Baby Jesus which is most important. In fact, we would drive around looking at all the Christmas lights and he would pronounce Santa Claus like "Hiney Clause", it was too cute!!! He loved looking at all the lights and when we approached a house that had Santa kneeling and praying to Baby Jesus, he hollered..."Look's Baby Jesus." Tears flood my eyes as I realized he knew and remembered the story we had began to tell him this year! That was a precious moment that I will always hold dear.

Chase loved opening presents this year, even if they were someone else's presents, as long as he got to tear open the paper. In fact when we got home from Mom's after Christmas night and he realized that ALL the presents were gone, he wanted to know where the presents were. It was actually kind of sad because he was really upset there were no more presents. He also got really upset when we took the Christmas tree down, he wanted kept saying "No, No...I want it down!" Which means UP to him, he's confused about the meaning of UP and DOWN right now. We're working on the difference now.

Around Christmas Day or the day after, he decided we were no longer Daddy and Mama, we were Dad and Mom! It was so funny, we have no idea what made him change what he calls us, I guess he heard Kim or Carmen calling Randy, Dad instead of Daddy! Randy really liked it because it was like he was a big boy now, rather than a baby. I prefer the Mama because I don't want him growing up too fast. It's going by to fast already. We also put started potty training after Christmas day and he did really well for the first few days in his big boy pants which unfortunately he is calling "panties." We need to work on that terminology too.

Long Overdue December Post

Gosh, December has been a hectic month and I'd yet to post anything until today. I hope I can recap everything for the most part. December was bit of a stressful month. Randy and I had planned to possibly put Chase in a daycare program again if something came avaliable at Eastern Hill Baptist Childcare Ministry program in Montgomery...when and if a place came available. Well, a position came open about a month ago but we hesitated removing Chase from his current sitter, Mrs. Shawn, which we dearly loved. We want Chase to be prepared for kindergarten by being in a more structured environment within a christian based program and they have a curriculum called the BEKA program. We have been blessed to have Chase at a caring home with the Cox family but after much prayer and discussion, we decided to move him the first of January however after giving notice to our current sitter, due to her current family matters, she gave us about a weeks notice. It was a bit of an awkward departure and rather sad as well since Chase had become so close to the entire family. Shawn and her family (Paul, Cheyenne, and Dustin) will always have a special place in our hearts for caring for Chase for almost a year. She taught him so much!

My niece Amy came to our rescue and kept Chase until the first of the year. He loved staying with Amy and her doggie, Lassie. It was so great to have family to help me during this time.

We are looking forward to Chase entering EHBC Childcare program in January. We pray that we made the right decision and that he does good and stays healthy!!