Sunday, January 31, 2010

Monster Mountain

Chase spent the night with his Uncle Time and Aunt Becky last weekend and they went to Monster Mountain which is where Chase's Bubba rides motorcross. I am not thrilled with him being around Motorcross because I know he will love it and want to spend time on motorcycles and that really scares me!! He really had a blast riding the small motorcross bike that Walt brought for him to ride. It was Carson's little bike. He was riding with Aunt Becky and they had a little wreck, no major accident but they went into a little ditch and the bike turned over. Chase knocked his shoes off in the wreck and he just loved telling everyone the story of his wreck on the "boon-boon!" It was rather comical seeing him run around imitating the wreck and his shoes being knocked off! It was like a huge deal to him!! He liked riding through the tunnels with Uncle Walt too! They all said he had a fabulous time! Mercy, what am I to do, I am being outnumbered here by his Daddy, and all his Aunt and Uncles that like Motorcross. I just pray he outgrows his desire to be around motorbikes! Maybe he will just prefer other sports such as football, baseball, golf, whatever else his heart desires...just not motorcross!!!!

Tough Week at New Daycare

Well, I finally have the energy and heart to post about Chase's first week at his new daycare, Eastern Hills Baptist Childcare Ministry. It was such a difficult week and I really thought at the time I had made the worst decision. Chase cried all the way to school and the drive from home to Montgomery seemed like eternity. He would say he did not like his school, he did not like his friends, and he did not like Chocolate Milk. And if you really know Chase, he loves, and I mean he loves Chocolate Milk!!! It was a rough adjustment period as he would cry so much when I left him and I could not wait to pick him up at the end of the day. It was very tough on me too because I just knew I had made a bad decision. Luckily, the second week he adjusted much better and he seemed to really love his teachers and he has actually become much more loving over the last few weeks. He hugs his teachers, and his friends each day before leaving school and he does not cry when I leave him now. The big news is that he is well on his way to potty training....he's wearing big boy underwear at school now and has stayed dry all day long several times. For this new milestone, I am so happy! He's becoming a big boy fast!!! He is learning colors and letters each week at his new school and I can see a incredible difference in his personality. He's so outgoing and says bye to everyone when we are leaving school each day!!! I continue to pray that I made the right decision at the right time in my little man's life!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Santa Claus...Jolly Ole St. Nick

Chase really loved Santa Claus this year. He sat in his lap many times, once at Dollywood, twice at Foshee Christmas parties. Santa even told all the boys and girls a story, Twas the Night before Christmas, and he listened intently.

Christmas Eve was a busy night with all The Chumleys at our house until 11:00pm so Chase was up late. He loved playing with all the girls and opening all his presents...he received 2 guitars too, which he loved so much. He likes his music.

Santa was really good to Chase and left WAY TO MUCH!! We need to have a talk with Santa next year. Chase received a radio flyer rocking horse, a home depot tool bench with all power tools, mickey mouse which sings the hotdog song, mickey mouse drum set, broom and vacuum set to help mama clean, personalized luggage, spider man fishing pole, rocky the talking truck, air hockey game, and lots of clothes and a stocking full of movies. Of all the big items, he went to the air hockey game first. He loved playing air hockey on our vacation to the mountains.

Granny came over early to see all his presents and toys from Santa. We had a great time. The drums gave Granny a headache so she had to leave early.

The girls came over on Christmas morning too. Carmen and Carlynn came first and opened gifts. Kim, Jeff, Marissa and Haylie came about lunch and we had a wonderful Christmas with them until about 4pm and then went to Mom's for Christmas. Chase received a big riding dinosaur from his big sisters, and he named his Dino, Charlie!!

Though, Chase did get sick about Christmas eve with a terrible cold that turned into a pretty bad ear infection. I hate it when my baby boy is sick!

We had a very Merry and Blessed Christmas this year. Chase was so much fun!!!!

Christmas Time

It has been a great Christmas Season as Chase has really caught on to Christmas, the decorations, Santa Claus, presents, singing Chipmunk songs (thanks to Shawn), and he learned about Baby Jesus which is most important. In fact, we would drive around looking at all the Christmas lights and he would pronounce Santa Claus like "Hiney Clause", it was too cute!!! He loved looking at all the lights and when we approached a house that had Santa kneeling and praying to Baby Jesus, he hollered..."Look's Baby Jesus." Tears flood my eyes as I realized he knew and remembered the story we had began to tell him this year! That was a precious moment that I will always hold dear.

Chase loved opening presents this year, even if they were someone else's presents, as long as he got to tear open the paper. In fact when we got home from Mom's after Christmas night and he realized that ALL the presents were gone, he wanted to know where the presents were. It was actually kind of sad because he was really upset there were no more presents. He also got really upset when we took the Christmas tree down, he wanted kept saying "No, No...I want it down!" Which means UP to him, he's confused about the meaning of UP and DOWN right now. We're working on the difference now.

Around Christmas Day or the day after, he decided we were no longer Daddy and Mama, we were Dad and Mom! It was so funny, we have no idea what made him change what he calls us, I guess he heard Kim or Carmen calling Randy, Dad instead of Daddy! Randy really liked it because it was like he was a big boy now, rather than a baby. I prefer the Mama because I don't want him growing up too fast. It's going by to fast already. We also put started potty training after Christmas day and he did really well for the first few days in his big boy pants which unfortunately he is calling "panties." We need to work on that terminology too.

Long Overdue December Post

Gosh, December has been a hectic month and I'd yet to post anything until today. I hope I can recap everything for the most part. December was bit of a stressful month. Randy and I had planned to possibly put Chase in a daycare program again if something came avaliable at Eastern Hill Baptist Childcare Ministry program in Montgomery...when and if a place came available. Well, a position came open about a month ago but we hesitated removing Chase from his current sitter, Mrs. Shawn, which we dearly loved. We want Chase to be prepared for kindergarten by being in a more structured environment within a christian based program and they have a curriculum called the BEKA program. We have been blessed to have Chase at a caring home with the Cox family but after much prayer and discussion, we decided to move him the first of January however after giving notice to our current sitter, due to her current family matters, she gave us about a weeks notice. It was a bit of an awkward departure and rather sad as well since Chase had become so close to the entire family. Shawn and her family (Paul, Cheyenne, and Dustin) will always have a special place in our hearts for caring for Chase for almost a year. She taught him so much!

My niece Amy came to our rescue and kept Chase until the first of the year. He loved staying with Amy and her doggie, Lassie. It was so great to have family to help me during this time.

We are looking forward to Chase entering EHBC Childcare program in January. We pray that we made the right decision and that he does good and stays healthy!!