Monday, February 1, 2010

Birthday Party Weekend

Chase had a busy Saturday and went to two birthday parties. He had been singing Happy Birthday to Will and Dausan all week leading up to the parties. Everyday he would ask if he was going to the party. He was so anxious for Saturday and the parties. We started the day at 10am with Dausan's 2nd birthday party that was held at Red Hill Community Center. He had a firetruck birthday with a firetruck jumper. The kids had fun jumping with the balls. We then went to Will's 5th birthday at Chucky Cheeze in Montgomery. Chase had only been there on other time but he knew immediately what to games!!! He loved playing all the games, we got him to slow down for just a minute to wish Will a Happy Birthday and to eat a "Sponge Bob" cup cake! He had a blast was ill as a hornet by 4pm as he had not had a nap!!
He had so much fun celebrating everyone's birthday!!! What a fun filled day!!!! Happy Birthday to Will and Dausan!! :)

Wrestling Mania at The Chumleys

Yep, just come on over to our house and watch WWE with Chase and his Daddy, while they wrestle together on the floor. Chase has a ball and just giggles so much while he's tumbling and doing somersaults while wrestling with his Daddy! I really don't think it's a good idea to be watching wrestling at 2 1/2 years old but his Daddy just loves it too. It definately wore him out playing so hard because he sacked out quickly which is a good thing for me!!!