Sunday, March 28, 2010

Let Me Do It !!

We're at the stage in Chase's life where he always says, "Let me do it!" It's the unexpected time of "INDEPENDENCE." He wants to do everything by himself, getting dressed and undressed, and the battle of deciding what HE wants to wear each day. And at this point, the only thing he wants to wear is motorcycle shirts. Chase wants to get in the car without any assistance from Momma.
Chase is growing up so fast, it's just hard to believe he's going to be three years old soon. He's doing so good with potty-training too! Since beginning daycare in January of this year, he's really learned alot and his social skills have really changed. He can say everything, and loves to mimic what we do and say!!! It's too cute!! He loves to help clean house too, he will vacuum, clean windows, and bathrooms.
He also loves to help his Daddy with everything. I actually think he's quickly becoming a Daddy's boy, they have so much fun together outside playing, and going to Monster Mountain to ride their dirtbikes with Uncle Tim and Uncle Walt, Timothy and Carson. They have fun with just the Chumley Boys!!!
We decorated for Easter today and he was running around, singing "Happy Easter!" He's getting excited about the Easter Bunny coming on Sunday!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Motocross !!

We had such a great weekend. Friday night we all went out to eat dinner for Timothy's 20th birthday and Chase was so good and he had on the cutest Monster Energy Motocross jersey that he received from his Uncle Tim and Aunt Becky. He loves the jersey and will not take it off, he even sleeps with it on. Saturday I took Chase to the park, his Daddy let him ride his "boon-boon" all around the house, and we also let Chase swing and slide on his playground at home too. We then watched motocross that night, plus Marissa spent the night with us. Chase kept calling her "Sissy!" So funny! Sunday we went to our new church and Chase loves it too. After church we all went to Monster Mountain and Chase once again had a BLAST riding the small motocross bike with his Uncles, Tim and Walt. Walter even gave Chase his first motocross helmet which he dearly loves too. He came home and had to have it beside him when he took his nap. He had so much fun and was exhausted after riding! He got so excited when we first arrived at Monster Mountain....gosh...motocross must be in the Chumley blood.....we did all have fun and I just pray for Timothy, Carson and Chase's safety when riding their bikes!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More Motocross

Chase is a motocross, boon-boon, motorcycle...crazy boy!!! He loves it, and I'm just still so nervous about it all but I guess I'm giving into it because the entire Chumley family loves most importantly, it brings Chase and his Daddy much joy. If you could see the look on Chase's face when he's riding at Monster Mountain, or just looking at books with bikes, looking online at helmets, or just playing with all his motorcycles, don't see this look on his face with anything else.

We went to Monster Mountain about 2 weeks ago and once again Chase rode a small motocross bike with his Uncles...Tim and Walt both. Randy and I rode around in the Rhino and watched Timmy and Carson jump the hills and just have fun....YES, it still scares me but I'm prayig already for his safety if this is what his heart desires as he grows up. I pray for his safety all the time, even driving to work in the morning...I hate the commute with him to Montgomery each day.

We ordered his 1st motocross helmet yesterday and when I told him the postman would deliver it, he was sooo upset the next morning when the helmet had not arrived, in fact, when we got home from daycare, the first thing Chase said was.."where's the postman". Too funny!