Monday, April 26, 2010

Chase learns about Heaven :( :(

This is by far the most difficult post I've ever had to write for Chase's blog. On Thursday, April 21st, we had to put my first horse, Katie, to sleep. She was so old, she was actually almost 28 years old which is 80 something in human years. Katie had so many issues with her knees, and was so thin from not being able to eat hay due to the loss of her teeth. She layed down to roll this past weekend, and it took her 3-4 attempts to get up and could barely get up, and it was at that point, I knew it was time. It was the hardest decision and thing I've had to do, as Katie was a dear, sweet mare, and she was the best and most gentle horse I've ever known. She taught me how to ride and had so much patience with me over the years.
I do regret that Chase was never able to ride her nor did I ever take a picture of him on Katie's back...I came so close to having him sit on her for our 2009 Christmas cards as I knew it would probably be my last chance. I will regret that for years to come. Chase immediately realized Katie was not there the next day and asked where she was and I told him she was in Heaven. I had to attempt to explain to a 2 1/2 year old, what Heaven meant, and where it about a hard and difficult conversation. He knew I was upset because I could not hold back my tears when he asked where Katie was and when I told him her knees hurt really bad, and she was really old, and that she went to Heaven, we'd see her again one day. Chase looked at me and asked if we could go get here when she was better! Boy, I lost it again!!!
Truly, Katie was the most beautiful bay mare, she provided me with an awesome colt named Chief many years ago, which we later sold, and she gave me endless hours of awesome hours on the trails where I was able to see nature from her back which was truly the most incredible experience. She kept me safe and will always hold a very special place in my heart!! I know she galloped into Horsey Heaven the day she left this world. She will be missed so very much, and I thank God for sending her to me 15years ago. She was the BEST horse ever!!!

Jumanji Zoo Trip...Wolf Escapes !!!

Last weekend, we went to the Montgomery Zoo with Marissa, Haylie and my friend, Jonean. Chase was looking forward to his 3rd trip to the zoo, and talked about it the whole week leading up to the big trip. Little did we know, that it would be an unforgettable but scary trip!! After seeing the maned wolves at their exhibit, we commenced to touring the reptile museum, and then within 5-10 minutes, about 3 golf carts came around the corner and we thought they were going to run over us until the zoo workers got out of the carts and told us to rush towards a building, and then we realized something was up with this scenario, I began to run with Chase and Marissa, Jonean, and Haylie followed me quickly. After being rushed inside a building by the zoo workers, they told us a wolf had ESCAPED!!! Oh my gosh, how scary, I can not believe that a wild animal escaped while at the zoo with the kids. Thankfully, we were safe and they captured the wolf.
The kids loved the zoo, and we had a great time seeing all the animals. The baby elephant really put on a show for us by swimming in the pond for a long time. He was too cute, and Chase loved it. Chase kept saying, " I want to see more animals!" He especially loved the train and the playground!!
We all had a great time and really laughed about the wolf escape after it was all over! Chase loved telling the story of the wolf escaping and us running to the building and is already asking if he can go back to the zoo!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Simply Fun!

It's amazing how much Chase loves the simple fun of swinging and sliding on his gym set and one of my favorite things as a child was playing with play dough, with the Fun Factory accessories. He wants to swing and slide every single day, and gets the biggest grin on his face and the laughter and giggles just melts my heart and brings back memories of my own childhood when he's swinging. We've also been playing with play dough and making cool things like spaghetti, worms, snakes, cheese, stars, and all the neat little animal creatures. He has gotten really good and making things himself.

Chase had gotten so independent by playing in his room now, though he prefers me in there with him, but he's getting better at being alone for alittle while anyway. He also want to go to the bathroom by himself and tells me "don't come in here" and hold his hand up telling me to stop and go away....and he's also learning to "wipe"...ha...they are teaching him so much at school...I did not teach him that...I thought it was too early but I guess not becuase he's doing it...He also like pretending to be a baby and wants to wear baby clothes, drink from baby cups, and crawls around acting like a baby. Pretending as he he plays has become very common too.

Right now he's getting ready to go to Monster Mountain with the Chumley Boys.....Dear Lord...please protect him!! He loves it but it scares him Mama to death!! Thank you Lord for watching over him!!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Photos 2010

Easter 2010

What a fabulous Easter! Chase was so much fun and he really had a great time at all his Easter Egg Hunts, he had three egg hunts on three different days. He had an Easter party and egg hunt at his daycare and took all dinosaur eggs filled with candy. In fact, he awoke that Friday morning for school and asked for his "dinosaur eggs" immediately, even before his chocolate milk, which we know is his favorite and he must have it when he wakes up. Chase then had a fun easter egg hunt at our new church, First Baptist on Saturday. He played in the inflatable jumpers with the kids and then they hunted eggs, and then had a snack. He did not know any of the kids since we had just started attending this church about 4 weeks ago, but he would always stand or sit really close to the girls, just like he knew them all a long. He's such a flirt already! Then on Easter Sunday, we went to church, and Chase was such a cute little man in his Easter clothes. I wish we had gotten a good family shot but the picture of all three of us turned out awful, we did not have a photographer and Randy felt really bad too. We then had about 36 family members at the house for lunch and Easter egg hunt, and it was fabulous as always!! Chase loved hunting eggs again and it was so funny when the hunt started...Brandi, hollered ready, set, go....Chase took off running straight to the slide because he saw an egg on it and bypassed about 10 eggs on the way to this one...he would pick one up...shake it...if it sounded empty with no candy, he would throw it down and move on to the next one. If he heard candy rattle, he would stop and want to open it to eat the candy...he'll get better next year!!! Ha!!
I love Easter and we got some really good pictures of Chase with Carlynn and Haylie too! We love spending the holidays with the family!!