Saturday, February 26, 2011

Christmas with the McClellan's

We always go to Momma's house on the evening of Christmas Day. I often worry about Mom lately with her memory fading....she loves being with all the children in the family, it brings her so much joy! Chase loves his Granny!! It was a special Christmas with the family, we ate snacks, the kids opened their gifts and then the adults played dirty Santa. Chase received Buzz Lightyear from his Aunt Peggy and Uncle Mack, a remote control policy car from his Uncle Rick and Aunt Rayma, and a stuffed animal "pet pillow" from his Uncle Ronnie and Aunt Brenda, plus a log cabin building set from his Granny. He is one spoiled child.

Friday, February 18, 2011

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Christmas with The Chumleys (Walt and Amy's House)

We always rotate the place we have the big Chumley Christmas and in 2010 we had it at Walt and Amy's. Chase got to meet Aidan for the first time, and he had lots of fun playing on the trampoline with Carlynn and Anna-Peri. It's always fun with all the kids during the holidays.

Polar Express PJ Party at School

December was a lot of fun at Chase's school, Eastern Hill Childcare. They wore their pajamas, had hot chocolate, received jingle bells, and watched Polar Express. He talked about this for days....all his classmates were so cute in their pajamas...we love his school...always something fun planned for the holidays.

Christmas Time and the arrival of Lulu, Chase's Elf

The Christmas Season was the best ever this year! Chase was so excited about everything, from the family gatherings, school parties and slumber party at school, and the exciting arrival of his Elf on the Shelf which he named LuLu this year. LuLu came to visit December 1st, and Chase decided his Elf was a girl, and named her Lulu. Gosh, we had so much fun with her, I think Randy and I enjoyed having LuLu for the holidays about as much as Chase did...Lulu would leave each night and go back to the North Pole to tell Santa if Chase had been "good or bad" and then she's return in different places each morning. When Chase would awake each morning, he would rush to find LuLu, and she was in various places such as the stockings hanging on his bedroom door, on the fireplace mantle, in the Christmas tree, and she even began to get mischievous and roll toilet paper in the tree.
Chase learned about Jesus and we strived very hard to make him understand the true meaning of the season was the birth of Jesus!
Chase was not afraid of Santa and sat in his lap many times during the holiday season. Chase was overwhelmed with all the gifts and presents and received way too much stuff...I vow to NOT overdo his gifts next year!
Here's a few photos of our friend, Lulu!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Thanksgiving 2010

I've been so horrible at blogging, I'm now trying to back track to cover all the months gone by and I did not blog important moments of Chase's life. Thanksgiving seemed like a blur this year, it always goes by so fast and Christmas is here too quickly...I love Thanksgiving and spending time with our awesome families. I enjoy seeing the children and how much they have grown and how they all love to play together during the holidays though they may not get to see each other much through the year. One fond memory of Thanksgiving with the Chumleys this year was the following:
All the kids ran down the steep hiilside at Billy's (Memaw's house) just to crash in Butch's arms.
Then all the kids rolled down the hill and it was so funny to see them rolling in the grass, laughing and just having a good time. I'm sure the Chumley kids have all rolled down the hill at some point in there life...Randy probably even rolled down the hill as a child...Carson has to teach Chase how to actually roll by keeping his arms and legs together.
Then all the kids played a swinging game with Kim and Jeff, then they all played "Duck, Duck, Goose" and then "Ring A Round the Roses!"
So much fun, and such great memories.