Sunday, May 15, 2011

Easter 2011 Eastern Hill Childcare Ministry

I'm not sure where to start since I have not posted in a good long time, so Easter sounds like the perfect place to begin. Chase loved Easter again this year and we really went all out on the decorations for the house this year, we even placed pretty eggs in the trees outside. Chase's daycare teacher Ms. Jennifer always has fun days planned for the kids during the holidays. They had one day were the kids dyed easter eggs, they all brought 6 eggs to school. I got a call from Ms. Jennifer asking for an extra set of clothes as Chase had an accident while dying eggs...when I arrived to school, it was the funniest sight to is my cute little son in his camo underwear and green funny!!!! All the kids were laughing at him in his underwear and he jumped up and was so proud of his green feet. Apparently, he spilt the green dye all over the place and then commenced to stepping in the dye thus the green feet for the next 24 hours. We've got cute pictures of what appears to be a naked little boy dyeing the eggs. Chase also had an Easter Egg Hunt with his class and then a picnic lunch with all his classmates and some of the parents. It was really a lot of fun, and Chase loved it.