Friday, November 11, 2011

Camping Fun Memorial Day Wind Creek State Park

We are officially campers and we all love it, especially Chase. We've camped at Monster Mountain in the past however Wind Creek State Park at Lake Martin takes the cake. We had the besttime on our 1st camping trip at the lake. Tim, Becky, Timothy, and Lauren, Walt, Amy and the kids camped with us and we had so much fun...from riding our bikes, swimming at the beach, walking around the park and campsites, cooking out with the family and of course, the park! We went for Chase's 1st boat ride and he had so much fun in the boat. Chase loved the park also and he began riding his bike much better after this trip. We had to push him up the hills however he got so much better riding on the camping trails. Carmen, Carlynn and Chris joined us during the day. We rented a pontoon boat during this trip too! It was a great experience for Chase and the family and it brought back childhood memories for me as well. We always camped at the lake while growing up!

1st Swimming Lessons May 2011 - 3 years old

This summer was Chase's first year to take swimming lessons. He took lessons with two of his sweet classmates, Olivia and Kara, plus another little boy named Thomas. Carol Anne taught the lessons and she lives in Pike Road area. She did such a great job with the Chase and he was swimming under water and jumping from the side of the pool without armies or floaties and he would swim to Carol Anne. He even learned to go off the diving board and swim to the side of the pool....AMAZING....he used a noodle to learn many things too. We were so proud of his accomplishments and he was loved swimming this summer and jumping from the diving board and swimming to the ladder with very little assistance. I am so very proud of my little man!!! The water still makes me so very nervous knowing I lost my precious Daddy through a drowning accident. I just pray that he proctects Chase and gives me a little peace with him around water.