Saturday, September 8, 2012

Kindergarten Time ~ I can't believe it!

It's been way to long since I've added to Chase's blog, but it's time to catch up. A lot is happening with my little man that has grown up way to fast! Chase's last day of daycare at Eastern Hills Baptist Church was on August 17th. It waw the hardest week ever, knowing he was leaving this wonderful daycare that I've grown to love. He had been there since he was 2 1/2 years old. Ms. Jade taught him potty training, Ms. Natalie taught him to be affectionate towards his teachers and friends, Ms. Jennifer was so awesome and taught him songs and he made so many arts and crafts and she also taught Chase to give up his blue blanket until nap time. He would keep it in his cubby. Ms. Autumn taught Chase how to write his name and count to 100. Gosh, the sweet friends he made at EHC were such a blessing, and I have became friends with the dear mommas too which we will dearly miss. Kindergarten began on Augutst 20th and Chase's teacher is Mrs. Aldridge. I could only walk him to his class the first 3 days and then began the dreaded drop off at the back of the school. Chase did pretty good, though one morning the school door hit him in the head and he ran crying back to my car. He always complains and whines a little that he does not know what to do and where to sit in the gym. Chase has to sit in the gym lined up by grade however the entire school all the way up to the 4th grade is in the gym. It's very intimidating and I just pray everyday that Chase adapts to this change and I pray for his safety at school. Schools are just not as safe as daycares that are locked with no entrance without a key fob. I guess I am just not prepared for this drastic change for Chase. I have shed so many tears the first week of Kindgarten especially the first day I left him in his class and then on the days I dropped him off and just drove was heartbreaking. I was so proud of him but it was just killing me. He has grown up so incrediably fast. Chase actually had a good couple of days and then on the first Wednesday he got a Yellow Light for poor conduct, not sitting still during floor time and being silly. He got another yellow light the second week and then a third yellow on Friday of the 2nd week. Mrs. Aldridge called me to discuss his inability to sit still and being disruptive in the hall. I was devastated to receive t his call as I feel like we have a good son, however he does not listen the FIRST time you ask him to do something. The 3rd week was much better and he got greens and blues on conduct...YAY! He also has his second library book, I love it! His first library book as "A Special Birthday Message" and his second book was Chicka Chicka Boom Boom! Both great books. Chase's has overall done very well however I've had a difficult time with Kindergarten. I will continue to
pray for peace for me and Chase.